Touring The American Capital

Touring Washington DCTouring Washington DC
Touring Washington DC

Touring Washington DC

America’s most admired city – Washington DC, hosts many tour sites that form part of the exemplary moments in the history of America. When touring Washington DC, there is a lot to take in. Discussed below are a few of the highlights of an ideal Washington monument tour.

The Washington Monument

Being the most recognized monument, the Washington Monument was constructed as a way of paying tribute to George Washington. The prime attraction of the monument is its obelisk which is the tallest in the whole world. We are talking about a 555 feet height. Visitors are equally entertained in the day and as well as at the night. Although there is no entrance fee levied, you have to purchase a ticket and wait in line for your chance to board the 500-foot ascending elevator. The view of the city from up there is truly amazing. You should not miss it for the world.

US Holocaust Memorial Museum

This museum catches attention because of its unique display. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum has a wide array of exhibits that depicts the horrors which encircle the Holocaust. This is a permanent exhibition and it portrays 900 artifacts. It is a truly moving experience and one of every visitor is handed with an identification card that narrates the story of one of the survivors.

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is a monument constructed to honor Abraham Lincoln. He was the country’s 16th president. The statue is 19 feet tall and it is sculpted from white Georgia marble, a whole 28 blocks. Visitors can also read many inscriptions on the walls of this memorial. It is at a short distance from the Washington monument and so you won’t miss it.

Reflecting Pool

Located between the Washington Monument and Lincoln memorial, the reflecting pool is a sight to sore eyes; make sure you visit the reflecting pool when the monuments are all lit up. The reflecting pool is a true beauty then.

Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial is an alluring neo-classical building situated on the Tidal Basin. Although the construction of the memorial was completed in the year 1943 it missed the statue of Thomas Jefferson. It was in the year 1947 that the statue found its place in the memorial; as a way of tribute to the country’s third president.

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