Top Four Activities to Do When in Capitol Hill

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The Capitol Hill neighborhood serves as a central hub for locals and tourists alike. It is home to the US Capitol Building. Small neighborhoods such as Barracks Row and Easter Market make up Capitol Hill, highlighting the neighborhood’s unique mix of local and federal diversions. Below are some wonderful ways to explore it at any point while touring Washington DC.

Watch the Congresspeople in Session

To see the Congress in a session at the Capitol Building, you have to book an advance pass of visit from a House Representative or Senator. The domed building houses the US Senate and House of Representatives, and it is where congresspeople debate legislative actions, carry out business, and pass bills on behalf of the American citizens.

Catch a Play or Performance at the Folger Shakespeare Library

Consider attending a play at this famous library to make your Washington DC tour a worthwhile one. The intimate theater at the greatest collection of William Shakespeare’s works was actually modeled after inn-yard theaters that were popular in the Bard’s Day, with tiered balconies and carved columns. It plays host to classical concerts, readings, and plays throughout the year.

Visit the Bartholdi Park

This public park on the Capitol Grounds with benches and flowers surrounds the Bartholdi Fountain. The fountain is the one with sculptures of women who in 1876 graced the Centennial Exposition. During the summer season, the Bartholdi Park offers a cool respite from DC’s humid temperature. In case you did not know, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi from France also designed the iconic Statue of Liberty.

Explore a Foodie’s Haven near the Eastern Market

If you are feeling hungry, then make the Barracks Row, the oldest existing commercial district in the capital city of the US, your next destination. Over the previous years, the strip along the Eight Street SE has undergone a revival. There, you can find everything from family-friendly carryout storefronts to Michelin-rated establishments such as Pineapple & Pearls and Rose’s Luxury.

The nearby café, Ambar Capitol Hill, has a small plates menu of Balkan-inspired dishes. You can sample from a selection of cheeses known as “Kajmak”, as well as, fruit-infused brandies known collectively as “Rakia”. Else, slurp down oysters, one of Washington DC’s popular snacks since its early days, at a pub-like restaurant that resides along the strip.

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