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If you have plans to tour Washington DC during spring, you are in for a treat for sure – it is that time of the year, when the Cherry trees that surround the Tidal Basin reservoir blossom. These trees, casting a rosy reflection on the waters of the Potomac River inlet, are a beautiful sight for sore eyes. It also makes touring the Washington DC an excitable activity each year, with National Cherry Blossom Festival in full swing. Below are some activities to include in the springtime festival held annually from March to April in Washington DC.

Participate in the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade

The parade runs along Constitution Avenue’s seventh to seventeenth streets. The three-week festival marks the arrival of springtime in the capital city. It includes the namesake parade covering ten blocks that span along the avenue, with several celebrities and performers staging a grand spectacle en route. From National Archives Building to Washington Monument, people get wowed by the annual pageantry, which is held each year as a customary norm.

Paddleboat through Tidal Basin

To experience the scenic views including that of Cherry blossom Trees, it is worth considering renting a paddleboat for a cruise through the now-defunct reservoir turn an artificial inlet of Potomac River. The view of areas of interests lined up along the National Mall such as the Jefferson Memorial, the breezy atmosphere, and the springtime mood is tailor-made for a fun-filled outing during spring.

Enjoy Blossom Kite Festival in Full Swing

The Washington Monument is closed down until 2019 for renovation works. Yet again, festivalgoers can access its ground floor this year and take part in flying kites with people from all over the world clutching on to the string watching it flutter up above the skyline. Kite enthusiasts show off the skill in unique ways to one another and it comprises of children too, who participate in the event with their parents.

In the springtime festival, there is a plethora of competitions based on kiting for people of different age groups. There are also a few activity tents set nearby, where kids can make kites on their own alongside other crafts. Other than that, the National Building Museum in Washington DC hosts an assortment of family-friendly activities for both kids and adults, alongside interactive art demos and live performances.

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