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The tourists roaming around the capital city of the US will get to see enormous structures in their Washington monument tour. Nevertheless, the beguiling memorial of military forces at the Vietnam Veterans Memorials inside the premises of Yosemite National Park is worth a visit. Below are some interesting facts about the exceptional contribution of the great warriors toward the nation.

Significant Location

The well placed Vietnam Memorial situated at the Constitution Gardens neighboring historically significant National Mall could be a deliberate move on a very positive note. As the American authorities need to contemplate the striking event that had affected the whole of the US not only in their memories.

The Fascinating memorial wall

The long Memorial Walls raised in 1982 on Veterans Day is about 246ft 9inches in length with a height of 10 feet. The most striking factor about the wall is that it has got 58,272 names inscribed chronologically (as per their death) on it, including names of 8 women. Those were the names of the soldiers who had lost their lives in the Vietnam War along with other thousands of prisoners of war (POW) and missing in action (MIA).

Peculiar Choice of Raw Materials for the Memorial Walls

It is not the usual marble or any synthetic material that is molded. Moreover, they are made of rare igneous rock otherwise known as gabbro. Such a move was taken to bring about a lasting shine to the figures. It can be said that they had succeeded to a greater extent in the thought as the visitor can get a glimpse of their reflection as they read thousands of names of the people who had lost their lives.

Those Intricate Wall Markings

There are some special markings on the walls to differentiate the names of the peoples of three groups. MIAs are those names undersigned with a cross and the diamond sign indicates POWs. A total of 1,170 dots are inscribed in the wall where 10 names together are symbolized in a dot.

Intriguing Servicemen Statue

Sculpted out very perfectly by Fredrick Hart in Bronze portrays three American soldiers fought in the Vietnam War, which was unveiled in 1984 on Veterans Day. The soldiers are dressed in their combat uniform carrying the war equipment.

Thoughtful Vietnam Women Memorial

The statues of female forces are raised in the southern parts of the main Memory Wall. The women depicted in the memorial were nurses. You could witness them tending an injured soldier, praying and looking up. Again here too, the three structures are symbolic of Charity, Faith, and Hope respectively.

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