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Washington City is mainly known for its historical as well as political prominence. This city is for sure one of the best places in the world that every traveler must explore at least once. The best thing about the city is that there are many free things to see and do in the DC, which is ideal for a budget-friendly vacation.

However, clicking various pictures of the iconic Washington Monument or exploring the Smithsonian Museums on your Washington DC tour is predictable and clichéd these days. Why not try some unusual things to make your holidays more exciting and memorable? So gear up, expand your horizon, and try doing the bizarre things that are given below during your next Washington DC tour.

The Secrets of the National Cathedral

You are more likely to see the National Cathedral if you have ever been to DC as it is one of the top-rated attractions in the city. This Goliath structure is surely one of the best monuments in the city that is sure to amaze you with its grand architecture and sculptures. The fact that the building was made in a period when only a few people were literate further makes this astounding construction the pinnacle of talent and innovation.

In fact, there are many secrets in the National Cathedral, which most travelers are unaware of. The main hush-hush is that there are many stained glass windows in the cathedral that are embedded with moonstones. However, the moonstones are too small to be seen perfectly by the naked eyes, and hence, only a few people know about this.

See the Corpse Flower at the Botanical Garden

There is a botanic garden in the premises of the National Mall and is often overlooked by the tourist people. Nevertheless, the United States Botanic Garden is not just like the usual plots that showcase only beautiful and fragrant flowers. Apart from the clichéd ones, the main attraction in this hidden gem is the Morphophallus Titanium, a giant flower that smells like a rotting flesh. Why not try sniffing out this corpse flower on your next Washington DC tour?

The Exorcist Stairs

There will be hardly anyone, who is not familiar with the iconic Exorcist movie, even though it is 44 years old. The movie features a haunting staircase in its climactic showdown that is sure to send chills down the spine to the viewers. This staircase is actually located in Washington DC and became one of the famous places to be photographed at present. So, if you like to add some spookiness in your trip, make sure to pay a visit to the Exorcist stairs and click some photographs.

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