Inside the Green Treasure Trove of the National Arboretum in Washington

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Visitors or nature lovers often wish to spend their time in places surrounded by a rich collection of flora. While touring Washington DC, you can find many such places in the form of its lavish public parks to green pastures where you can simply relax or go take a stroll along the tree-lined paths. The US National Arboretum is definitely the one place to be if you are a nature lover and has a slight taste in botany too.

Located in the northeast of Washington, this 444 acre stretched green space has a blend of rare herbs, trees and medicinal plants making it the center for a wide range of research into botany and taxonomy. Besides, its immense value to the field of scientific research, the Arboretum serves as a place where visitors can discover its astonishing floral varieties and attractions.

The National Bonsai and Penjing Museum

While inside the National Arboretum, it is definitely a worthwhile experience to pay a visit to its famous Bonsai and Penjing Museum. Here, you can view a truly rare and wonderful collection of Japanese Bonsai and the Chinese Penjing. The collections displayed here represent the finest types of this art form derived from centuries-old tradition of the two rich oriental nations.

Washington Youth Garden

The Washington Youth Garden is one specialty of the Arboretum and a great place to take your children. The gardens are made with the sole intention of fostering learning backed by science and make children aware of the importance of healthy food. Inside the Youth Garden is a demonstration garden spread across an acre, where the kids can watch and even take part in cultivating crops.

Fern Valley

While visiting the Arboretum, a great place to relax and feel close to nature would be the Fern Valley. It has a good collection of native plants and herbs that you can get to know more closely. The place has ample amounts of shade giving you an opportunity to take a break. Besides, this one and a half mile trail is lined with woods and small bridges passing over streams where you can take a light stroll.

National Grove of State Trees

The Arboretum contains an elaborate collection of the official tree of each state in the country. This place is flourishing with such native trees and taking a walk amidst them would indeed be a rejuvenating experience. You can explore the famed Californian redwoods and other prominent tree varieties all the while marveling at their sheer beauty.

Azalea Garden

At the onset of spring, you cannot find a more beautiful bloom than in the Azalea Garden in the Arboretum. A huge collection of Azalea’s bloom in the spring making this garden a dazzle of different colors. The winding paths in the garden take you besides little ponds and flowering bloom giving you a memorable experience.

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