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Washington DC is one of the most populous cities, not only in the United States of America, but arguably in the entire world. The wide-ranging diversity and historical monuments make it one among the must-see places in your life. However, the transportation through Washington is somewhat hectic because of the huge population. You can tackle this situation using the Washington DC metro rail system.

Most of the tourists will be unaware of the rules and regulations of DC metro rail and many of you will be alien to this rail system too. Below is a guide on DC metro rail system that will help you to reach your destination fast and safe.

Avoid Peak Time

Try to avoid rush hours, if possible, as it will be hard for the newbies to get their way through the crowd. The peak time is from 07:00 am to 09:00 am and from 04:00 pm to 07:00 pm on weekdays. Furthermore, if you are traveling between 09:30 am and 03:00 pm, you can avail various discount passes as well.

Travel Light

Always try to travel light so that you can manage things even while traveling in a crowded metro. It will be hard if you have to climb up the escalators and staircases, pass through the automated doors along with the over-packed bags. You can also take your bicycle on the metro during non-rush hours.

Plan your Trip

It is always better to plan before you travel, rather than just wandering here and there. By doing so, you can save your time as well as money. For this, get help from your Washington DC tour guide or check with your trip planner online. Once you hop on to the metro train, it will be harder for you to figure it out.

Spot your Stations

The metro railway stations will be marked with a brown square pole with an ‘M’ on the top and you can use this to spot the metro stations easily. Furthermore, you can use this symbol to locate other metro stations on the maps.

Secure Correct Fare

There will be fare machines in every station. Check these machines to secure the correct fare to your destination. This will also give you an idea about your traveling expense. Furthermore, always choose round trip as it is more convenient and economical. Note that you will get only a maximum of $5 from the machine in return for change and that too in quarters.

Proceed through the right turnstile and escalator to reach your platform. Remember, there will be multiple turnstiles, escalators, and platforms in the station, and hence, this step is very crucial. Hop on to your train once it reaches, and do not block or stay close to the doors for your safety.

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