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If you have already been to popular destinations in DC during your Washington Monument tour, you might be looking for something else to make the most of your time in the US capital. In fact, there are a lot of amazing places to explore beyond DC’s usual tourist hubs, which you can also include in your tour to Washington DC. Below is a quick look at the covered bridges near the United States capital city.

Wright Covered Bridge

This beautiful bridge is located in the eastern side of Washington County towards the south of I-70. This covered bridge extends over the Northern Branch of Pigeon Creek. The bridge is about 28 feet long. Even though the bridge is located nearby the highway, the area around the bridge is very peaceful. This bridge was constructed in 1875. To get to this bridge, you would have to go along the rural road near Interstate 70.

Henry Covered Bridge

This covered bridge is located in the Mingo Creek County Park. This is one of the most visited covered bridges in the county; however, a larger part of the history of this covered bridge is clouded. Many sources state the bridge to be constructed in 1881, while some claims it to be built decades past this date. In addition to this, the name of the builder who constructed the bridge is also unknown.

The bridge is about 36 feet long and crosses the Mingo Creek. You would be able to find this bridge in the eastern side of Mingo Creek County Park where Mansion Hill Road and Mingo Creek Road meet. You may not be able to find parking facilities near the bridge, but you would find a parking spot on the southern side of the bridge on the Mingo Creek Road.

Ebenezer Covered Bridge

This historic bridge is also located in the Mingo Creek County Park. You would be able to find this park along the southwest region of the park. This unique covered bridge has only its roof covered. The bridge is about 32 feet long and it uses a truss work known as the Queenpost truss. Both the year of its construction and the name of its builder are still unknown. In order to reach this bridge, you would have to travel to the southwest part of Mingo Creek County Park and go towards the dead end road.

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