Understanding Washington DC Private Tours

Washing DC Private Tours

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Want to have a different experience from all those regular tours while in Washington? People who want to spent time with their family and friends without any unwanted interventions can best choose private tours. It will be pretty much you, your family/friends and a travel guide. You can also ask opt for private transportation as most of the private tours offer that.

Let’s go through some of its highlights

There are highlights that private tours offer when compared to a regular tour.

  • Visit America’s most famous landmarks and monuments
  • Discover hidden spots and sites
  • Meet locals and find out why they love the city
  • Discover sites you would have never found by your own, including bakeries, bars, markets and more.
  • Travel from one place to other with the private transportation you are provided with.
  • Private travel guides helps you with shopping and provide information on best restaurants and their delicacies.

Advantages of a private tour

  • You can have a private transportation
  • You will be provided with a top-notch travel guide with years of experience
  • You will never be bored, which you actually experience with regular travel guides.
  • Private travel guides make sure that you are not left alone.
  • Won’t make you wear unwanted hats or t-shirts.

Places you will explore on this tour

  1. The white house
  2. The Lincoln memorial
  3. The Washington monument
  4. National mall and Veterans memorials
  5. National air and space museum
  6. National gallery of art
  7. National museum of natural history
  8. National zoological park
  9. National museum of American history
  10. Jefferson memorial and tidal basin
  11. Arlington national cemetery
  12. International spy museum
  13. National museum of African history and culture
  14. Washington national cathedral
  15. Georgetown historic district

Private tour transportation options

Private tour transportation comes with different types of vehicles which you can choose from. It includes, couch bus, mini bus, luxury bus, SUV’s, Lincoln limos, hummer etc. Private tour agency will arrange services understanding your needs.

There are whole lots of travel agencies which can help you with choosing the right package. Make sure these packages meet your expectation and fall within your budget.

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