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Georgetown is the oldest existing neighborhood in the nation’s capital. A favorite destination of both natives and tourists, Georgetown is full of Michelin-rated restaurants, picturesque views, events for the family and more. Here are five exciting Georgetown activities to do when touring Washington DC.

Take a Leisurely Walk along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

This historic canal operated as a route for transportation when the neighborhood was a tobacco port. Today, it is a hub of recreation. The mile-long towpath of the canal is a park, which is explored by millions of hikers, bikers, bird watchers and other nature enthusiasts. The path is ideal for cycling, walking and running or simply soaking up a moment of peace.

Give Yourself a Good Scare at the Exorcist Stairs

There is this long staircase on the side of a building where William Friedkin shot his horror classic “The Exorcist”. Those who have seen the movie may remember the moment where Father Karras tumbled down the stairs to his death. It is the scariest moment in a film full of jump scares. All that will come rolling into your mind when you visit this spot. Many come here as part of their morning exercise routine, some come with a camera to photograph the staircase, and others for a Halloween proposal.

Catch a Live Jazz Performance at Blues Alley

Tucked away in an old carriage house, this club hosts live jazz performances on most nights of the year. It is modeled after the nightclubs of the 1920’s period, popularly known as Art Deco. Throughout its history, legendary artists such as Dizzy Gillespie, Tony Bennett and Ella Fitzgerald have performed live at this Georgetown venue.

Ogle Famous Residences

The neighborhood has been a place of residence for many celebrities. American chef, Julia Child taught cooking and tried recipes for her first cookbook while she was living in her yellow wood-frame residence. The house situated on Olive Street was sold for almost $1 million back in 2015. Besides this, also discover the past of Georgetown’s Kennedy family – including the residence where JFK lived while he was running for president.

Marvel at the Scandinavian-Style “House of Sweden”

This building housing the embassies of both Iceland and Sweden often hosts jazz and yoga events and exhibitions on varied topics. Situated on the Potomac River banks, it is a gorgeous example of Scandinavian architecture.

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