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Touring Washington DC

Washington Tourist Attractions

Washington DC, which is also known as ‘The District’ or ‘The Federal City’, is the capital city of America. It is an area which is located between Virginia and Maryland and is home to millions of people. The city is broken into quadrants and is in the southern portion of America. The place attracts over sixteen million visitors every year.

General Information about Washington DC

Anything within the boundaries of Washington DC is referred to as ‘The District,’ because of its giant metropolis. The city is home to many residents but is often known as a city of transients since many people are constantly on the move every year. The city faces major shifts in the political elections as it has many politicians, military men, embassy personnel, consultants, etc. It is one of the most visited cities of the United States, and many travelers across different parts of the world come here to explore the historic sights, politics and other aspects of the city that is celebrated all over the world.

Seasonal Visits to Washington DC

The most recommended time for tourists to visit Washington is during the spring and autumn season if they want to experience slimmer crowds and mild temperatures. It is mainly asked to take the colorful fall foliage during the third quarter of a year, and also the Cherry Blossom Festival which is in the spring. You can experience much colder temperatures in DC during the winter during the times when there are holiday extravaganzas and tree lightings that can be seen almost everywhere in the evenings. During the summer, there will be extended hours in many museums of the Smithsonian which you can take advantage of.

Tips for Travelers to Visit Washington DC

Summer is the busiest season in Washington. But it is important to know that some tickets to many attractions are difficult to get regardless of which time of the year you visit. Therefore, it is always best to order your tickets online in advance mainly for Capitol tours, White House tours, etc.

The Capitol building offers visitors the same-day tickets in the morning. The monuments are open for 24 hours a day and it will be surrounded by heavy crowds mostly in the afternoon, but offer warm evening views. The Union Station is a spot that can be visited during the evening and the National Gallery of Art is a place that can be visited in the morning. Travelers can pop into offices of their Congressperson, where they will be granted a tour of the office is not busy.

Tours and Transportation in Washington DC

Traveling in your own vehicle is less recommended for travelers. It is always asked to drive less as possible or walk or use various other transportation modes available in the city such as Metro bus and Metro rail. Old Town Trolley Tours are offered for travelers which offer over a hundred points of interest along their way. There are also DC Truck Tours in the fully restored military vehicles of 1942 which offers travelers views from the Potomac. The travelers can end the tour near the Gravelly Point underneath the flight path of some of the landing planes of Washington.

Sights and Attractions in DC

Washington DC is known all over the world for its educational entertainment extra ordinance. Travelers will be able to find history and lessons as they go on with the tour as they keep checking out the beautiful city from the DC trucks or the pathways. There are hundreds of things to see and to spend your time in the city. The city is loved by many tourists as it delights every newcomer, and as it offers countless opportunities for those who love to return. You can spot outdoor educational excursions everywhere in the city.

A visit to the Arlington National Cemetery offers you the view of the eternal flame at the tomb of an Unknown Soldier. Travelers can stand close with the history along the National Mall of DC. There will be a reflecting pool nearby where ducks can be fed.

Educational Museums and Monuments in Washington DC

The monuments in Washington Dc are open for 24 hours a day. The recommended time for visiting the monuments is early in the morning or late in the evening as the monuments will be too crowded in the afternoons. Many museums including the Museum of the Smithsonian are free to enter.

Travelers can enjoy seeing a lot of animals at the National Zoo and they can also explore some of the signature aircraft at the Air and Space Museum of the DC. There are plenty of monuments and museums for a traveler to see, which makes visitors return to the city. Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool, National Archives, US Botanical Garden, etc. are some of the other significant museums and monuments in DC.

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