Things That You Shouldn’t Do In Washington DC

Washington DC ToursWashington DC Tours
Washington DC Tours

Washington DC Tours

The capital city of the United States has much to offer in terms of grandeur and sheer magnificence. From places of historical importance to joints to stuff yourself with delicious delicacies, there are certain things that you shouldn’t do when you are here. Here are some of them.

Don’t Visit In The Summer

The city is stifling hot and humid, with thunderstorms in the afternoons. Crowds are seen aplenty making sightseeing an anxious experience of long lines and crowded exhibits. Even if you want to be at the capital in the week of the Fourth of July, this is one experience that you wouldn’t mind missing out on.

The best time for touring Washington DC is in the last months of November. The crowds have dispersed and the weather is moderate and plain beautiful.  Pick fall.

Avoid The Taxis Or Drive For That Matter

The traffic at the national capital is nothing short of notorious and the parking expensive. The metro system is one of the best and is by far the best way to get across the city. It connects all of the important points in the city, and all you need is a plastic SmartTrip card to get you about. You can use the card to enter and exit the stations. You can move around the city and relish your Washington DC tours better.

Don’t Waste Your Time At The Mall

The city has close to 11 Smithsonian museums, 2 wings of the National Gallery of Art and a handful of monuments and memorials. Walking around aimlessly in the same drab old mall is the worst possible way you can waste your time when you are in Washington DC.

Experience the true DC. Eat local in and around neighborhoods. Go to the theatre and catch a flick, eat at the many Michelin Starred restaurants and shop at the local boutiques. Don’t trap yourself within the confines of a mall- you will be doing a disservice to the Capital and to yourself.

With these pointers in mind, you are sure to enjoy your visit to the beautiful city and take back with you many pleasurable memories. It isn’t really possible for you to explore the whole of the city in just a few days trip. If you have a week to spare, then chances are you are soaked in all the museum pieces and its many edifices scattered around the city. Rest assured the city will take good care of you. Happy travels.

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