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The foremost things that come in your mind when you hear about Washington DC tour may be the White House, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, historic museums, politics, and so on. Hiking may probably be one of the last things you would ever think about when on a Washington DC tour. Nevertheless, there are a lot of hiking trails in this beautiful city, and when it comes to the massive mountains here, they are really perfect for all the hikers, be it beginners or professionals; most of them offer a smooth and flat surface too.

These mountains are really the perfect place to go to if you would like to escape from fast-paced city life. Below is a list of the massive mountain ranges you would enjoy hiking in Washington DC.

Patuxent River State Park

The total area of this awesome state park is about 6,700 acres. This place is about a distance of 34 miles away from DC. The region has a large number of remote and unnoticed hiking trails that are best suited for runners, horseback riders, and hikers. All the routes here are very peaceful and easier to find.

The place as a whole has a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It would be an awesome choice if you were looking for some relaxed time when on your Washington DC tour. This trail would be a bit of tricky for the beginners though, as they are unmarked and remote. If you were planning to go along this trail, it would always be best if you take along extra supplies with you.

Appalachian Trail

This is a 2,200-mile long trail, which runs across Georgia to Maine. The Appalachian Trail covers about fifteen states in it. Virginia is near to this region and you would be able to enjoy 544 miles of this massive trail from there. Another thing regarding the hiking trails in this region is that, it is appropriate for both beginners as well as the experienced hikers.

Appalachian has many areas that are gentle and subtle. You would also be able to get awesome views from this place. From here, you could get a perfect outlook of the Skyline Drive, which is located in the Shenandoah National Park. If at all you want something more adrenaline-gushing, get along to the south; the trials are a bit tougher here.

Cross County Trail

The Cross Country Trail is about 40 miles long. This awesome trail goes along the north-south line sandwiched between Potomac and Occoquan River. This wonderful trail cut into the Fairfax County, which is a busy region outside of the city. This is quite an easy route and many hikers, runners, cyclists, and horseback riders use this route. There are also numerous spots leap off in this route.

Burke Lake Park

There were plans to convert this beautiful park to an airport, but the project was canceled and the Dulles Airport was constructed at some distance away from the park. The lovely Burke Lake Park now serves as a great hangout place for families as well as youngsters. This charming park is a compilation of volleyball courts, Burke Lake, a golf course, a carousel, and playing fields.

This wonderful trail is about 4.5 miles in length. It would be perfect for taking an evening walk along the banks of the lake. The route has both paved as well as natural surfaces to walk along.

Bears Den Park

The impressive Bears Den Park is located near the Appalachian Trail. You would be able to find it within the striking Blue Ridge Mountains that is situated in the Bluemont, Virginia. The total area of this park is about 66 acres. This is a place, which you should certainly pay a visit to if you are ever near this region. You would be able to get wonderful picturesque views from here. This region has four trails, and if you would like to have a longer trail, you could combine all the routes together.

The place is best known for its charming sights and the view of the sunset from here is very magnificent. This location is undoubtedly one of the most loved hiking destinations. If you would like to stay here during the night, you would be able to rent an eighty-five-year-old stone castle constructed in the European style that is located nearby.

Catoctin Mountain Park

This awesome mountain park is located at a distance of about 70 miles towards the north of Washington DC. It would be quite easy for you to reach this place by car. This place really offers amazing and spectacular views. This charming hiking trail is about 25 miles in length that goes across mountains in upper Maryland.

One of the most beautiful places that you would come across in this trail is the Cunningham Falls. You would be able to easily reach this magnificent falls if you would take the route that runs along the park’s left side.

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