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Washington is a great place which offers large varieties of tastes and flavors. You can find a variety of international cuisine in DC. Whether it is Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Indian, Thai, French, or any other cuisines from different parts of the world, all are available in DC. It is a food lover’s paradise. You don’t have to limit your eating to a specific cuisine and you can get any food item from all around the world here. Here we suggest some foods you must try during your Washington DC tour from different cuisines.

The greasy burgers

Treat yourself with the highly irresistible greasy burgers of DC. Whether it is a vegetable, cheese or meat burger it is really a bundle of deliciousness. There is no better way than curing your appetite with a tasty burger along with a foamy glass of beer or ice-cold soda.

Chesapeake blue crabs

This is a signature dish of DC. Steamed crab coated with the Old Bay Seasoning is a wonderful combination that you will love. If you want to taste something different, then enjoy the soft shell crabs which are available during May to September. There is also Maryland crab cakes which are available all round the year. The soft shell crabs are scarce in supply so grab some when you see it on the menu. But the crab cakes are easily available as crab meat is abundantly available as frozen, canned or fresh.

Korean fried chicken

Even though Korean fried chicken do not have a long history in Washington, this dish conquered the food lovers of DC instantly. The city has embraced this taste enthusiastically. The specialty of Korean fried chicken is that the batter used to prepare this fried chicken is very light and this provides the chicken with a finely textured and paper-thin crust which is also really crunchy. It will explode your taste buds from the first bite itself. The Korean fried chicken is available in three flavors; the first is the plain form where you can enjoy the fried chicken in its purest form. The next flavor is rich with tangy, spicy hot chili sauce and the third form has the wonderful flavors of soy, garlic, and ginger sauce.

Mumbo sauce

For people of Washington, except for those who grew up in one of the historic African-American areas of the city, mumbo sauce might not be familiar. Mumbo sauce is a specialty of Washington.

Some people call it as barbecue sauce. But in reality this sauce is formed by the combination of barbecue sauce, ketchup and some sweet-and-sour sauce. The sauce will have a neon bright reddish orange or reddish brown color and will be very thin. It is tangy and sweet and can be made spicy by adding chilly spice. You can find chicken wings with mumbo sauce in some small carry-out Chinese-American shops.


This dish originated in D.C and is also another signature dish of this city. This dish is actually a combination of sausage styles from different cuisines. The dish is a fusion of ground pork and beef. It has a touch of hot pepper and the hog casings give the half-smoke its peculiar taste which is sharp when you bite in to it.

Peruvian polla a la brasa

The pollo a la brasa along with potato is one of the most delicious meals you will find in Washington DC. We must thank Peru for this wonderful dish made of chicken. The chicken is cooked over coal and fire which give this dish the smoky flavor which is a delicious richness. The spices used for the preparation of this item remain a secret.

Salvadoran pupusas

Pupusas are pancakes like tortillas, with a thickness of 1/4-inch. They are made with masa harina, or corn flour. There are a variety of fillings used for this dish. The common fillings used are Salvadoran quesillo cheese, crispy pork skin rinds, refried beans etc. The pupusas are usually served with curtido cabbage slaw. It is made with different items like onion, grated carrots, Mexican oregano, hot pepper sauce and apple cider vinegar. It perfectly complements the taste of pupusas. A pupusa that is made correctly will be so smooth that it will melt in your mouth. A pupusa should have the perfect thickness, no too thin or thick and the filling should be distributed evenly.

Washington DC is a great place to try different flavors from all around the world. The people of this place accept and love cuisines from different parts of the world. You can find any flavors you want in this place and you will never get disappointed trying them. Explore different dishes from different cuisines together with the native dishes of DC. There are a lot of native dishes in DC that you will fall in love with at the first bite itself. Try these dishes on your Washington DC tour to make your trip more “delicious”.

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