How to Spend your Time in Washington DC This Fall Season

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The autumn season is upon us, and it is time to explore the best free events, things to do and attractions on your private tour Washington DC. The fall season in the District is full of free activities to do, from enjoying the scenic foliage and festivals to celebrating the Halloween and Veterans Day. The nation’s capital has a lot of experiences that are perfect for this season.

Visit the United States National Arboretum

Situated in Northeast, the Arboretum is a pleasant and peaceful area to visit any time of the year. That being said, the contrast of the Corinthian Columns and vibrant leaves on the surrounding trees make autumn one of the best times to visit this museum of trees and plants.

Discover the Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is set to open again on September 19, 2019, after months of renovation. It now has a modern elevator, which will efficiently take thousands of people up to its observation deck each day. Going up in the lift will be historic because on the way it will offer visitors a glimpse of its interior walls, lined with stones commemorating George Washington.

Enjoy the Autumn Vibes at George Washington Memorial Parkway

Winding from DC to Virginia, this parkway is intended for recreational driving, with many picturesque overlooks lining it. Each overlook is marked, so you can pull over to soak up jaw-dropping autumn scenery, including foliage along the river Potomac to the DC skyline. Other free things to do on the Washington Memorial Parkway include running and bicycling along the Mount Vernon Trail.

Attend the Annual 17th Street High Heel Race

This race turns a Dupont Circle street into a Halloween-flavored spectacle. It has been an epic Washington DC tradition for over three decades. Heel hobblers, the majority of whom dressed in drag and wearing full makeup, will be cheered on by fans for the quarter-mile-long race. Photo opportunities, lots of fun and chuckles are sure to follow.

Climb the Exorcist Steps

The super-steep steps at a corner of the 36th Street and Prospect Street in Georgetown became famous ever since the release of “The Exorcist” movie. The Exorcist Steps is a big draw for movie nerds, fitness buffs and shutterbugs. People come here on Halloween night to make a surprise marriage proposal. Film lovers will recognize this staircase from “The Exorcist”, where its character Father Damien Karras tumbled down the stairs to his demise. The staircase even became a historical landmark back in 2015.

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