Five Interesting Things to Do in Old Town Alexandria

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Old Town Alexandria is a historic district, where the First American President George Washington once lived. It has over 200 restaurants and boutiques, in addition to site museums and events on the Alexandria Waterfront. People on a Washington DC tour will like a walkable downtown which is lined with well-preserved architecture. Founded in 1749, Old Town Alexandria is easily reachable by Metro, water taxi, bike and so forth.

Stroll through the King Street Mile

Arrive in Old Town by Metrorail or water taxi and step onto this historic street, regarded as the heart of the charming place. The American Planning Association named this walkable stretch of old architecture one of America’s “Great Streets”. You will find many restaurants, museums and boutiques along the way.

Dine in Historic Hotspots

Alexandria is also a foodie’s destination, which has a popular culinary scene and new restaurants that open the doors to the public round the clock. Several chef-driven and independent restaurants are housed in centuries-old properties, such as the Brasserie and bar “Columbia Firehouse”, or the tavern “Virtue Feed and Grain”.

Take a Sweets Crawl

There is always room for sweets in the Old Town neighborhood as cupcake bakeries, chocolate shops and ice cream stores line the King Street. Have made-to-order ice cream at “Nicecream” or head to “Old Town Dolci Gelati” for the authentic and artisanal Italian-style ice cream named “gelato”. Try the made-from-scratch flavors of “Alexandria Cupcake”, especially the chocolate peanut butter one.

Explore the Mount Vernon Trail

An outdoor enthusiast will want to take advantage of the mile-long trail and over 900-acre-long protected open space, including 8 waterfront parks. Around 18 miles long, this trail stretches from the estate of George Washington along the river Potomac to the memorials and monuments in Washington DC. A clear favorite among bicyclists and runners, the Mount Vernon Trail is a popular section of the mile-long East Coast Greenway, which extends from Calais to Key West.

Feel Like You Are in the World of Harry Potter

Step into the world of “The Chosen One” by going to Alexandria’s Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum. It is home to many objects, including medical devices, and herbs. Fans of Harry Potter can see the ingredients used right through the 19th century, which were also used to make potion in the books by J K Rowling and the films based on them. These include mandrake root, dragon’s blood, castor oil, lavender, valerian, etc.

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