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Washington DC is a city that has many places that are popular among the tourists visiting the city from around the world. On the other hand, there are also many places which remain unknown to the majority of the tourists and even to some of the locals. It will be an exciting experience to visit these places, during your Washington DC tour. These lesser-known places include hangout spaces ideal for a date or friendly chats, music venues, historically important landmarks, etc.

Here are some of those lesser-known destinations in the city which you may check out while touring Washington DC.

Blue Duck Tavern

The city has many dining areas, which are loved by the locals. In Washington, even the tall buildings do not cause any view obstruction. The Blue Duck Tavern serves the food which is sourced from the locality. The furnishing of the dining space is handcrafted, and that speaks about the beauty of the place. Other similar dining areas are Le Diplomate, Iron Gate, and Masseria.

National Capitol Columns

These are the columns made of marble, and they once supported the U.S. Capitol. You can see this from the National Arboretum. There are 22 Columns made in the Corinthian style. The quarry identification marks can be found on some of the stones. In total, there were 24 columns among which two were damaged, and hence, removed. They can be found at the top of Mount Hamilton.

9:30 Club

Washington DC has become famous among the music-loving tourists because of its cool and cozy music venues. The 9:30 club is one of the most famous music clubs among the locals. The sound and light arrangements of the club are excellent, and there is food available here. The venue is spacious, and hence, you need to take much strain in seeing the performances. Other important music venues include Black Cat, DC9, Wolf Trap, U-Street Music Hall, etc.

Riggs Library

It is one of the earliest libraries in the United States, which is remaining as a book house. It was opened for public access in 1898. There are many events hosted here presently. There are four floors to the building with spiral stairways and iron walkways.

Church of Two Worlds

This is a special kind of church, which hosts healing and meditating services. The name of the church is meaningful and apt since the people here communicate with the dead, thereby keeping one foot on the earth and the other in the spirit realm.

Adding some of these landmarks to your Washington DC tour itinerary can make it more exciting.

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