Brief Guide On Winter Tourism In Washington DC

Touring Washington DCTouring Washington DC
Touring Washington DC

Touring Washington DC

Winter is one of the best times for touring Washington DC because it will give a different experience to the visitors. The snow covered roads and monuments will increase the aesthetic beauty of the place. The extreme cold climates will also help in making so many memorable moments of life. During winter, the capital city of the USA is not only open to seeing monuments and historical places but also will offer many activities to attract more tourists. Some of the main things that can only be done during winter at Washington are as follows.

Adventure with Ice

There are mainly two reasons for exploring the world, one is for sightseeing and the other is for adventure. For all those people who love to engage in adventure sports and other activities, winter is the best time for visiting DC because there are several places in DC to try ice skating and snowboarding. Even though there are many rinks in DC to do ice skating throughout the year, snowboarding through the snow covered mountains will be only possible during the months of December, January, and February.

Zoo Lights at the National Zoo

The national zoo is a spot that is explored by most of the tourists during their visit to Washington DC. If a person is visiting DC at the end of the year, they must not miss the zoo lights at the national zoo. It is a traditional event conducted at the national zoo of Washington DC and its celebrations will last for almost a year. It is a free event and it will be bundled with several holiday treats for the visitors. The musical performances and the eco-friendly light displays are the main attraction of this event.

The Downtown Holiday Market

The downtown holiday market is a traditional marketplace located near Smithsonian American Art Museum and National Portrait Gallery building. It is the best place to experience the holiday atmosphere at Washington DC. It is not only a place to buy the best local coffee beans and homemade donuts, but also a great market to find unique artifacts of local artists. There will be many musical concerts and other performances near the marketplace to keep up the holiday mood in people.

Winter is a great time to visit Washington DC because there will be many events and performances during this time of the year that can add more flavor to the trip. During this time, all the cities and main tourist spots will be decorated in winter themes which will add more beauty to the place.

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