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Washington DC is such a mixed spot, that you can have truly any kind of experience here. From unconventional production lines to Moroccan bazaars and a great deal of history there are no ends to the attractions here. Furthermore, you can appreciate a diverse range of restaurants in Washington DC. Below is a discussion on some of the best-themed restaurants that you can visit after your private tour Washington DC.


Appreciate a natural dinner under the shade of a live oak tree at Firefly. This is a woodsy themed café in Washington. It serves regular American dishes with ingredients from nearby cultivators. Make the most of your dinner here by sitting over rescued barn wood tables and taste cocktails out of mason jars for the best experience.

Compass Rose

At Compass Rose, you can lose your way inside a Moroccan bazaar as you stroll through themed tents and appreciate the tasty street food-inspired menu. It is constructed in a way that resembles a bazaar. Interestingly, various zones of the cafés have various themes. Note that you can appreciate mixed Mediterranean cuisine regardless of where you choose to sit.

Teddy & the Bully Bar

In case you are a history buff or an outdoor lover, Teddy and The Bully Bar will surely an exciting experience for you. It has features like an animal head and hunting theme. Besides, the menu and the overall restaurant is inspired by Teddy Roosevelt. Overall, it is worth visiting the restaurant during your visits to the capital city.


If you want to feel the tropical ambiance, head to the tiki bar Archipelago. You can taste reviving mixed drinks and beach-inspired snacks while the place makes you feel like you are experiencing a beautiful sunset.

Co Co. Sala

Co Sala is a stylish, chocolate-inspired café close to the Verizon Center. All items on the menu have a shade of sweetness and it is a great spot if you love sweet treats and a beverage.

Comet Pizza

Comet Pin Pong is a playhouse warehouse with the specialty of attractive pizzas. The place can make any grown-up feel like a child once more. Appreciate tasty pizza while having a great time in Comet’s rec room.


This is a restaurant inspired by the presidents and the ambiance makes you feel like the resident. It draws its inspiration mainly from Thomas Jefferson’s garden situated in Monticello.

Consider visiting the above places if you want a different experience from the everyday restaurants.

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