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Washington DC is one of the most visited cities in the world and there will be hardly any person who does not love to venture this fancy world at least once in a lifetime. However, even a lifetime will not be enough to explore the opportunities that this dream city has in store. Some people have a misconception that DC is all about history and politics. Note that the things that you get to explore in the capital city of the United States are much beyond that.

The vibrant city also features incredible culture, an eclectic lifestyle, architectural wonders, amazing food scene, happening nightlife, and much more. If you are still skeptic about planning private tours Washington DC, some of the best reasons that will surely make you fall head over heels in love with this amazing destination are listed below.

The City Offer Tons of Free Things to Do

One of the main attractions of exploring Washington DC is the pocket-friendliness. Note that you can explore a wide range of national landmarks and monuments here for free of cost. One of the most popular options, in this case, is the Smithsonian museums that will walk you through the past, present, and future of the United States of America. Other potential options, in this case, include the memorials of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Jefferson, etc. Plus, take a look at the original declaration of independence preserved at the National Archives at the National Gallery of Art.

The Glorious Spring Weather

Needless to mention, it is not a good option to explore Washington DC during summer and winter months because of extremely hot and unpredictable weather, respectively. However, the spring weather in the city is incredibly glorious. This is the right time if you want to travel around the city while enjoying the warmth of sunny days, the appeal of blue skies, no humidity, and most importantly, the picturesque cherry blossoms. If you are in the city at the right time, you can take part in the month-long national cherry blossom festival as well. This celebration is not just about bewitching cherry blossoms but also about an eclectic mix of music, art, culture, film screenings, etc.

The Incredible Food Scene

Another major factor that tends to invite travelers to Washington DC is the amazing culinary culture here. Unlike olden days when you can expect only steakhouses and DC restaurants with stuffy white table cloths, you can find veteran chefs at almost every restaurant to cater to the taste requirements of different people. In fact, there will be hardly any cuisine that you savor find in DC. You name it and you get it; this is the current food scene in Washington DC.

You Can Expect a Wide Range of Breweries and Strong Cocktail Game in DC

One of the best activities that you may indulge in when in the American capital city is a tour of local distilleries. While exploring the breweries, you can not only enjoy your favorite beverages but also can learn thoroughly about its production starting from material sourcing to the packaging of the final product. You can also get classes on wine sampling from sommelier experts. Alternatively, you may take a tour of happening nightclubs and pubs in the city and shake a leg till early morning. This will be a great opportunity for all the nocturnal bees out there.

Bottomless Brunches are Common in DC

Unlike most other American cities, most restaurants in DC offer bottomless brunches. Note that bottomless brunch simply means paying a particular price to enjoy unlimited food and beverages. Typically, the price range of such brunches comes between $35 and $40. Needless to say, this will be the best option if you love to enjoy endless Bloody Marys, mimosas, etc., at an affordable rate. The local favorites for bottomless brunches in DC include El Centro, Ambar, Vinoteca, etc.

You Can Watch the Supreme Court in Action

How will it be to watch the oral argument sessions in the Supreme Court? Most people would have watched it only in the movies. So, it would be a great opportunity if you get to watch such sessions for real. Well, you can achieve this objective in DC. The visitors are allowed to watch the oral arguments between lawyers and the court sessions at the DC Supreme court between the months of October and April. Plus, this is a free attraction and you can explore the court whether or not there is a session going on.

Live the Spy Life

Are you a fan of fiction movies, especially spy movies and love to portray the star role? If yes, you can live your dream by channeling your inner spy. After all, you are in Washington DC, which is popular for the International Spy Museum. The museum not only exhibits a wide range of gadgets and equipment pieces used by spies in the past but also offers various interactive games where you can play the role of a spy. For the task, the museum employees will give you a puzzle and some clues, you will have to crack the codes and solve the puzzle using your intelligence and decision-making skills. This live-action adventure will surely be an ever memorable event for the rest of your life.

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