Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Washington D.C

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Washington Tourist Attractions

There are so many attractions in the city for you to see on your Washington DC tour. This includes the National symbols like Capitol building, White House, etc. Also, there are many other monuments and world-class museums that you can visit on your DC tours. Most of these tourist sites must be covered on foot, to have the best experience of visiting them.

Here is a list of the top attractions in Washington DC that you should not miss on your tours here.

Capitol Hill And The U.S Capitol

The Capitol building is considered as the symbol of the United States, around the world. The Capitol houses the seat of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The building has a dome, which is inspired by the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The terrace of the building carved out of marble offers beautiful views of the city.

There are free tours that you can take in the Capitol. In the lower floor will be the exhibition of the history of the building. If you like to explore the paintings on the walls and ceilings of the building, you can take a free tour in the weekday afternoons.

The White House

It is the official residence of the American President. Every president till date, except for George Washington resided here during their term as the president of the country. The visit to the inside rooms of the residence must be booked in advance through your embassy. You will be free to see the White House from the outside and that in itself will be an amazing experience.

The Lincoln Memorial

Among the numerous memorials that are present in Washington, the Lincoln Memorial is the one, which is loved by the majority of the tourists. Daniel Chester French the well-known sculptor designed this work. The Lincoln Memorial has witnessed many historic events. It was from the steps of this memorial that Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous speech.

National Air and Space Museum

It is one of the very famous museums in the world with displays of many historic aircraft. This includes the original flyer made by the Wright brothers and Spirit of St. Louis, the first aircraft that flew across the Atlantic Ocean. The command module of the Apollo 11 mission is also on display here. If you are an astronomy enthusiast, there are lots for you to see and learn in this museum. There are telescopes set here through which you will be able to see the planets and other astronomical objects.

Make it certain that you do not miss these top attractions on your visit to Washington DC.

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