Top Four Must-Visit Places and Attractions in and Around Washington DC

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The city of Washington DC has plenty to offer to visitors of all age and is home to the White House, the U.S. Capitol Building, the Pentagon, and many other places that capture tourist attention. This is where Martin Luther King Jr. started an iconic movement in 1963, which changed the landscape of the United States and brought a sense of harmony in the fellow citizens. If you are on a whistle-stop tour to Washington DC, you need an itinerary that covers all the must-see places and attractions. Below is a specimen itinerary to give you a jump-start in the historic city capital when you are on a private tour Washington DC program.

Take an Open Top Bus Tour

The bus tour offers a sweeping view of some of the best attractions in the city capital. The hub spots and sights from the double-decker bus would include the National Air and Space Museum, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial among other places. An elaborative bus tour is a must have when you visit Washington DC for the first time.

Try Cycling at the National Mall

Since Washington DC stays rather warm for the major part of a calendar year, the weather is ideal for cycling and the city shares an affinity towards cyclers. Hire a bicycle and visit the National Mall on your private tour Washington DC program. The monuments there would capture your attention and can give you a glimpse of what is yet to come.

House of George Washington

The house of George Washington, which is often referred to as ‘Mount Vernon’, is one of the must-see places in the city. The capital city is named after the first US President and the place is perfect if you want to know American History, their agricultural traditions, or even love to enjoy hopping around seeing the house, the gardens, and other memorabilia.

The National Harbor

The National Harbor is located just minutes away from the capital city, and is home to the most picturesque waterfront that anyone has encountered. Besides, lined up with many restaurants and boutiques, this place is an ideal place for shopping. Your private tour Washington DC guide can ensure a fine dine facing the waterfront in the National Harbor. If you love water sports, you many also consider paddle boarding or kayaking in the evening.

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