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The lavish public gardens in the city are one of the remarkable aspects of Washington DC. In fact, the city’s design and planning have put forward much emphasis on such beautiful gardens, that over a dozen of them adorn the city across its various regions. These public garden spaces are pocketed green spaces that are ideal destinations for visitors and the passerby to relax away from the commotion of the city.

Tourists are going on a Private Tour Washington DC usually include some of these gardens in their list of popular attractions to see while they are in the city. While visiting Washington DC, visitors will surely find these gardens a place of relief and relaxation from the busy schedules of the sightseeing programs. Below is a list of the top five public parks and gardens to visit in Washington DC.

Rock Creek Park

The 1700-acre area of the Rock Creek Park is a true delight for visitors having a kinship with nature. Established in 1890, this lavish public park is rich in biodiversity as it is home to species like the snapping turtle. The walkways lined with the rich foliages impart a sense of serenity. Located near the National Zoo, the Rock Creek Park includes many other prominent sites like Fort Stevens, Francis Scott Key Memorial, and Pierce Mill.

Kenilworth Parks and Aquatic Gardens

A truly different public park, the Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens is one of the most worthy places to visit in Washington. The park is ideal to visit in all seasons particularly during the summer when the waters get filled with blooming water lilies. This park has numerous hiking trails and boardwalks that are perfect for taking long walks with your friends and loved ones.

Constitutional Gardens

The constitutional gardens are another lavish public garden in the city of Washington DC. Established in 1976 during the bicentennial of the nation, this urban park has an exemplary collection of trees and walkways. Visitors who tour Washington can visit this garden for relaxing and viewing the native animals that thrive in this habitat.

Hillwood Mansion, Museum, and Gardens

The Hillwood Mansion, Museum, and Gardens are known for its spectacular beauty that resembles a mix of an English and Japanese garden. Spread across thirteen acres, this garden is separated into many so-called garden rooms such as the Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Friendship Garden, Four Seasons Overlook, French Parterre, Pet Cemetery, Lunar Lawn, and Greenhouse.

Lincoln Park

Located on the Capitol Hill, Lincoln Park is yet another prominent public park to visit in Washington. Besides its extensive collection of trees and walkways, the Lincoln Park is also known for the two statues of President Lincoln and Mary McLeod Bethune.

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