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Whether you are a student looking for a timeout, a businessperson looking for a break, or touring Washington DC to spend some leisure time, below are five of the convenient ways to get around the capital city of the US.

Metrobus and Metrorail

It has one of the cleanest, safest and most efficient public transportation systems. With plenty of routes spread throughout the capital city, it is easy to explore must-visit areas or those you have in mind. What’s more, there are thousands of buses here using hybrid electric drive or compressed natural gas system, which helps keep Washington DC eco-friendly.

Several popular hotels in Washington DC are situated adjacent to bus routes and Metro stations, making it very easy to get around the city right, irrespective of where you are staying.


With thousands of taxis servicing day-in day-out, travel options are economical and plentiful in DC. Stats say Washington DC has a high taxi-to-citizen ratio in the US. Besides the city’s own taxi service, you can call for taxis using dedicated applications in your smartphone too.

DC Circulator Bus

The DC Circulator bus is a very cheap option to travel around the city. The circulator bus navigates along half a dozen routes designed for hop-on hop-off access at areas of interest throughout the nation’s capital. This way, tourists can sightsee at destinations such as Georgetown, Adams Morgan, U Street, Dupont Circle, Woodley Park, and Capitol Hill.

It also connects to the route of the National Mall, so it is easy to access the memorials and monuments. You can access the Circulator schedules online, and in case you miss one bus, just wait for a few minutes to catch the next one.

Rental Cars

These are also easy to find throughout the US capital city. There are many car rentals near the Washington Dulles International Airport, which makes it easy to rent a car soon after landing here. Besides, most hotels in the area have parking amenities for those who rent cars.


Bicycling is, in fact, a great way to explore areas of interests in the city when on a Washington DC tour. With the bicycle sharing system of DC having hundreds of stations across the city, it is the most affordable option to get around the place riding a bike. You even have different rental options to choose from here, be it a day membership or a yearlong one.

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