Top 4 Must-Visit Museums in Downtown Neighborhood in Washington DC

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Must-Visit Museums In DC

Downtown is a cosmopolitan neighborhood, which is replete with shopping areas, restaurants, and several must-visit museums in the capital city. When you visit this neighborhood when on a private tour Washington DC, it is worth visiting the museums to satisfy the art lover in you. Below is a compilation of top four family-friendly museums in Downtown, Washington DC.

The National Gallery of Art

When it was established during the late 1930’s, this museum owned by the Smithsonian Institution featured an art collection donated by the erstwhile Secretary of US Treasury, Andrew Mellon. Today, the art gallery in DC has a plethora of artworks from some of the top artists, including Leonardo Da Vinci, Edgar Degas, and Vincent Van Gogh. It is also home to Multiverse, an installation of thousands of LEDs situated between the walkway that connects its East and West wings. It is one wonderful sight to behold, so make sure you catch that when visiting the museum.

National Museum of Women in the Arts

This museum is devoted to all the artistic contributions made by women, which is a feministic statement all right particularly at a time when hashtags are trending about the importance of equality between men and women in Hollywood. The museum in Downtown DC is home to an impressive artwork collection, comprising works of Sarah Bernhardt, Frida Kahlo, and several other women artists with some even tracing back to 16th Century.

National Geographic Museum

This museum boasts of a series of rotating exhibitions, which features collections chronicling tales from Nat Geo explorers, scientists, and photographers. Most of the museum’s rotating collections are excerpts taken from the National Geographic Magazine. It also houses a permanent exhibit, which is home to several artifacts including a camera used by Robert Peary during his expedition to the North Pole in 1909. If you are adventurist at heart or have an affinity for all things wildlife and exploration, National Geographic Museum is worth the visit on a Washington DC tour.

DAR Museum

The headquarters of Daughters of the American Revolution doubles as a concert hall in Downtown. The museum events held there is often a sell-out, with performances from touring musicians, stand-up comedians, etc. Its first floor houses the namesake museum, which is devoted to all things related to the American Revolution.

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