Things you Must Never Do When Exploring Washington DC

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Washington DC is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is known for many attractions such as its political background, historical prominence, eclectic lifestyle, neo-classical monuments, treasured museums, etc. No wonder, most travelers consider Washington DC as their ideal holiday destination. However, navigating DC can be a bit daunting and hectic for a first-timer if you are not aware of the rules here. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the major mistakes that you must avoid at any cost on your private tour Washington DC.

Smoking Marijuana in Public Places

Most people will be surprised to know that the use of marijuana is legal in certain parts of the capital city of America. However, this does not give you the license to smoke weed at public places such as playgrounds, shopping malls, historical places, etc. In fact, getting stoned at any public place is a punishable offense in DC.

Jumping into the Reflecting Pool

One of the most beautiful constructions in Washington DC is the picturesque Reflecting Pool that connects the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. Of course, the clear water in this long pond will be so tempting, especially on sunny days, but diving into the Reflecting Pool is a big no-no since it is a reverent ground. Note that this rule goes for almost every pool and fountain in Washington DC. So, take care of this on your private tour Washington DC if you do not want to end up in the jail.

Blocking the Sidewalks

Washington DC is famous for the busy lifestyle of people here. In addition, the millions of visitors that flock to the city every year add to the overall population here. However, the city was not designed keeping such a huge crowd in mind. As a result, the sidewalks in DC will be a bit narrow. Clogging these sidewalks may surely cause trouble to the locals here. So, it is better to step out of the sidewalks if you want to take a picture. Similarly, try not to saunter in groups on the sidewalks in DC. Technically, you cannot walk with more than one person across the sidewalks.

Standing on the Left Side of the Escalator

This is a metro specific tip. In Washington DC metro, the left side on the escalators are for walking and the right side is for standing. The worst mistake that you can make here is to stand on the left side of the escalator along with your friend since the commuters will be really busy barrelling down the escalators. This may, in fact, result in outrageous stares or comments from the passers-by or even from the metro authorities.

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