Things to Do in the Puget Sound in DC

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Tourist Attractions In Washington DC

Washington DC has hundreds of museums, numerous national parks and monuments, and many more attractions awaiting travelers from across the globe. Puget Sound is such an attraction in the US capital city that you should visit on your Washington DC private tours.

Puget Sound is a semi-closed water body where the salt water from the Pacific Ocean mixes with the fresh waters from the western Washington watershed. It is a secluded arm of the ocean in between Seattle and Olympic Peninsula in the West and Washington mainland in the west. ‘The Puget Sound Region’ contains the Puget Sound, the Kitsap Peninsula, the Puget Sound islands, and the eastern and western mainland counties.

Fun Things to Do in Puget Sound


Do you love collecting things from the beach? If so, then set on for beachcombing in the Puget Sound beaches. The water here is crystal-clear, and as you go, you can search for moon snails, sea stars, sand dollars, and small crabs at the shore.


Boating in Puget Sound will be an extraordinarily incredible experience. You can view the breathtakingly beautiful Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges, and a have a glimpse of Mount Rainier also. Sea lions, Otters, Blue Herons, and Bald Eagles are a common sight too.


You can take a look at the amazing surroundings there, by exploring the Puget Sound coastline by kayaking. Some organized kayaking trails to opt for are:

Cascadia Marine Trail: This trail will be suitable for you if you are planning for multi-day trips; it has around 50 campsites you can visit.

Key Peninsula Marine Trail: This is a 64-kilometer long marine trail having fourteen legs in between fifteen points of interest throughout the journey.

Scuba Diving

Puget Sound is known to be one of the best spots in the world for diving, yet diving in the cold waters here needs some pre-training. If you go scuba diving, look out for friendly wolf eels and Giant Pacific Octopus at some specific spots. The most common sights here are soft corals, colorful sponges, sea cucumbers, and anemones.

Eat and Drink

Make sure to try some yummy and incredible seafood in Puget Sound such as the dishes made of the Dungeness crab, salmon, oysters, and mussels. You can also have beer and wine, and other local foods here and simply relax near calming waters.

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