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There is no such thing as a particular time to eat delicious tacos in DC. Whether it is for breakfast or for an afternoon snack, tacos are always the perfect snaking option. Washington DC has many incredible places serving delicious tacos, which include El Rey, Taqueria Habanero, Woodley Park’s Mayahuel, Shaw’s Cortez, and many more. You would be able to get this delicious meal starting at a rate of $3. Below are some of the best places to try tacos when touring Washington DC.


The highlight dish of this awesome restaurant is the beef tongue tacos trio, which includes meat that is braised for four hours served along with fresh mango, chopped white onion, fresh cilantro, lime wedges, and habanero-mango salsa.

Taqueria Habanero

The delicacies served in this restaurant got its inspiration from Puebla, and the restaurant owners are from Mexico. The hit dishes served here include tinga poblana (which is made using sausage and shredded chicken), and tacos having a tilapia filling.

El Rey

This restaurant is fashioned out of shipping containers. This beautiful restaurant features adobo chicken tacos and Thai shrimp. They also serve a Mexican cocktail called Michelada at the rate of $6. This awesome spot is always found busy with customers and hence they would decline any substitution you ask for.

El Chucho

This beautiful restaurant has a large rooftop deck and they are also specialized in serving a number of inventive tacos that are loved every customer who walks into this lovely food paradise. The use a number of fillings that ranges from beer can-chicken served along with marinated pork to grilled octopus served with braised beef tongue.


This awesome street food centered restaurant uses a number of ingredients for its tortillas fillings. They use many tasty combinations of tacos, which include the mushrooms served with goat cheese, shrimp and avocado, and chorizo and steak that is mixed along with potatoes. Another highlight dish of this restaurant is blackened fish served along with spicy slaw.

El Techo

This open rooftop restaurant is located in Shaw. The exclusive dishes served in this awesome restaurant include Mezcal cocktails and Cajun-rubbed shrimp tacos that is topped with a variety of sauces (chimichurri, roja, verde, and loco) and a homemade pico de gallo. You would also get burritos and rice bowls at the downstairs.

Espita Mezcaleria

The main specialty of this restaurant is the Mexican cuisines and the number of mescals served here. You should really try the tacos de alitas served here that is made from lime cashew crema, chicken wings, and pickled celery, or the queso fundido made with trumpet mushrooms, ramps, a slow-cooked egg, and asparagus.

District Taco

This restaurant serves tacos for breakfast in all of its locations. You would be able to choose breakfast tacos served with cheese, eggs, and potatoes, while the veggie tacos here are served with cheese, sautéed onions, pinto beans, and green peppers. Another good deal you could get here is the al pastor, with roast pork and pineapple filling for about $3 each or you could get three for $8.

El Tamarindo

This bizarre taqueria features delicious and fresh tacos made from shredded chicken. They also host a special event called booming Taco Tuesday every Tuesday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. They serve tacos and a number of drinks for about $3 to $4 on that day.

Taco Bamba

It took almost five years of time for Victor Albisu to open the first Taco Bamba restaurant. Today, they operate in multiple locations around DC. This restaurant serves breakfast tacos, specialty cocktails, machos, and a number of other mouthwatering dishes. One of the highlight dishes served here is the Sid Vicious (which is a spin on chips and fish) with crispy cod, mint tomatillo slaw, malt vinegar salsa macha, and tartar.


This awesome tequila bar attracts a wide range of customers to the coasts of Baja located in California. The Head chef Alexis Samayoa who had mastered the art of Mexican cooking is the one in charge of the kitchen. The highlight dishes of this restaurant include the chicken tinga served along with shredded chicken and the tasty vegetarian cauliflower taco. They also provide a rooftop food service.

Taqueria Nacional

It was the Award-winning chef named Ann Cashion, who created this magnificent restaurant. They serve fresh corn tortillas here with a wide range of fillings that are made from marinated lamb and grilled steak along with fried squash blossoms.


This awesome restaurant serves a number of tacos ranging from $4.50 as well as the well-known grasshopper tacos. You should really give a try to the Yucatán-style barbecued farm pork served along with pickled red onion, and Mexican sour orange. Another option is to try the tortilla stuffed with roasted, grilled, and braised brisket served together with onions, salsa verde, and cilantro.

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