The Best Hangover-Busting Dishes you Can Get in DC

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While a solid hangover cannot really kill you, it can bring a lot of unpleasantness of the kind no normal person has any need for. If your stomach is gurgling in a demanding way, or of a forehead-splitting headache is threatening to set the mood for the rest of the day, good hangover food is what you need to get. In DC, you can get different types of food capable of banishing hangovers; of those, the below dishes are by far the most popular among tourists.

Biscuit Sandwich from the Mason Dixie Biscuit Company

Ask a southerner, and he or she would gladly expound on the healing powers found in the classic biscuit sandwich. At the Mason Dixie Biscuit Company on 7th Street, you get some of the best in that: tall, fluffy deliciousness that fills you right up, while also stuffing you with enough fat to get rid of the hung-over sensation.

Breakfast Burrito from Ted’s Bulletin

This place is famous for serving heaps of rich food to patrons who want nothing more than to enjoy a superb meal. Breakfast is available all-day, and includes scrambled eggs flank steak, avocado cream, cheddar cheese, hash browns, and green chili sauce. This place was called “The Walk of Shame” awhile back, and it is easy to guess what they were hinting at.

A Proper Burger from Duke’s Grocery

Every once in a while, burger grease becomes the only thing that can make your stomach happy. DC does not force you to forego the urge; in fact, it offers up some of the best options you will find in the country. Duke’s, an English leaning Dupont eatery, lets you partake in premium burger offerings with black angus, charred onions, melted gouda, arugula, pickles, garlic aioli, and sweet chili sauce.

Miso Ramen from Daikaya

Japan is a country where ramen is eaten not just a hangover cure, but also as a way to prevent hangovers. This is one reason why ramen shops are often crowded when you hit them late in the night. Daikaya serves a spicy miso broth, which brings plenty of complexity to keep your addled mind pleasantly occupied, while also delivering the kind of spicy kick that people generally crave when they are buzzed.

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