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The US capital has several places that are ideal for photography. If you are a shutterbug and want to fill your social media feed with stunning location photos, DC will not disappoint you. Here is a list of most Instagrammable locations to visit to make the most of your private tour Washington DC program. We will also mention at what time it is best to go to specific places to help prepare your itinerary.

The Capitol Building

The Capitol does not have the scaffolding any longer, so it is primed for photography. From the Capitol’s east side, you can get a great view of the building. The big glass panels on the east-side exterior are perfect for getting the dome reflections in.

Come to the US Capitol at sunrise and set up your photography equipment at the reflecting pool for a stunning reflection of both the dome and sky. Go to the West Front Lawn in the holiday season, and you can spot the decorated Christmas tree there.

The Washington Monument

You must photograph the most recognizable, popular and tallest building in the capital city. From the reservoir Tidal Basin or from near the Lincoln Memorial, this obelisk looks stunning from every angle. The W Hotel’s POV bar also offers a one of a kind angle of this building. It is rather awkward to just pop in for a photograph of it, but many say that they faced no problem doing so. You can have a Washington Monument tour between 09:00 am and 05:00 pm. However, you can go to the monument grounds round the clock, making it an excellent place for late-night photography.

The Yards Park Bridge

This park has a pedestrian bridge, a wonderful spot for architecture lovers and an awesome one to photograph any time of the day. That said, we would not recommend visiting it after 10:00 pm because security guards will hassle you from then on. It is also not ideal to visit it on a game day, featuring the Washington Nationals team. After you explore the park, visit the Ice Cream Jubilee shop for a scoop of ice cream.

The Friendship Archway

The most popular part of Chinatown, DC, might be the Friendship Archway near the Capital One Arena. The intersection here becomes a four-way stop that allows you to reach the center of the roadway for some seconds in a safe way. You can photograph the archway from the Pod Hotel’s bar named Crimson View.


You would like to visit this place to shop till you drop. It is not mandatory to do so; you can also window-shop here and take in the amazing view of CityCenterDC. It is among DC’s most photo-worthy locations. Amid the shopping center, you will see a big LED screen. It will be fun to photograph the screen at nighttime. The complex also has many reflective surfaces, which include shop windows and water features.

In a previous winter season, big snowflakes lined Palmer Alley too. The themes here often change, so check your Instagram location tag to see what the alley looks like on that winter day you will visit it.

Culture House

The front part of this repurposed church, also called Blind Whino, is among the most colorful facades in the nation’s capital. Blind Whino’s interior is open on a periodic basis. Inside, there is stunning stained glass, which will add some amount of color into your Instagram feed. Periodically, Culture House also hosts art programs.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

The National Mall is home to this memorial, devoted to one of the Founding Fathers and the third president of the US. The big, stunning columns around the main hall offer an amazing view of that obelisk built to honor the first American president, George Washington. The memorial hall has a Thomas Jefferson statue. Be ready to go to the memorial on foot, and you will appreciate this for the great views on offer including the view of DC’s Tidal Basin reservoir. The early morning and evening hours are peaceful times to go to this place.

James Madison Memorial Building

There is a row of columns at this building on the US Capitol complex. Go to a far end of the columns and photograph, with the backsides of these and the wall at the farther end visible in your frame. The columns situated beyond the building are ideal for portraits or an engagement photo session.

National Gallery of Art

On the museum rooftop, there is a blue-colored rooster made by sculptor Katharina Fritsch. It is free to visit this museum. Before you enter it, make sure you photograph that blue rooster installation from the outside of the building. Then, go to the top and get a close-up snap of the same. Go to the walkway amid the East Building and West Building of the museum to capture the ‘Multiverse’ installation.

National Arboretum

This is a wonderful outdoor location to photograph, a free-to-visit one at that. From the National Capitol Columns, the large fields and Bonsai trees, it does not get better. These columns give the Arboretum the look of a World War location. It is also an ideal place to visit for an engagement shoot.

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