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Millions of tourists visit Washington DC all through the year. They take back home something that reminds them of their visit to the city, that could be a showpiece, a key chain, ornaments, or anything. There quite a plenty souvenirs to choose from after your private tour Washington DC as the city is a creative and artistic hub. Below are some souvenirs you would want to have.

Remembering Einstein

One of greatest of scientists that the world has ever known is remembered here with bobbleheads. It is not only the kids, who fall in love with these shaking heads, but the elders admire them too. They may look gimmicky initially, but soon it brings along some kind of motivation and inspiration with it.

Strange License Plates

Get these license plates if you really want to choose anything unique and prominent. Washington DC is that city where the representatives or senators are not chosen that easily. Owing to that is the stickers on the plates are inscribed as “Taxation without Representation”. The very current condition is symbolic in the stickers.

White House Ornaments

In order to commemorate the US Presidents, the White House Historical Association commissions ornaments in each passing year since 1981. The valuables count 35 at present. This act is way different from the showy decorations than it is usually done in such commemorations. You can take one of those ornaments if you are really interested and adored of the valor of the American administrative system.

Those Suburban Prints

The diverse neighborhoods of Washington DC are brought under paints and brushes by one of those DC’s self-artists, Anthony Dihle. The prints are almost like a map that coves every symbolic place of the city. Dhile has got ardent fans for his works in both locals and the tourists who come in search for his prints.

Uncut US Currency Sheets

What costs more than a pile of US Dollars in your possession? So, why not get some uncut currency sheets, if not the pile as a whole, which are made available right from the place it is actually done? Just remember that the Bureau of Engraving and Printing sells them at a rate more than its actual cost.

Memories of Café Beer

It was only in 2009 that Washington DC had its first brewery established. Since then, the city dwellers had been in great concern of the drink as they boast off about its growing craft beer scène. When the question arises of choosing a souvenir of this scene, engraved glasses, tap ornaments, graphic tees, and even cases of beer could be the best options.

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