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Washington DC might be a metropolitan city, but it certainly has its own share of dark corners too. There are several haunted locations in and around the city, which are capable of scaring you to the core. Below are some of the most haunted destinations in the US capital city that you can visit on your Washington DC tour.

Mount Baker Theatre, Bellingham

The Mount Baker Theatre became famous for ghosts ever since it was opened in 1927. There have been numerous reports of paranormal activity in the building. The reports include instances of unexplained voices, balls of light, cold spots, and odd apparition.

There is said to be a resident ghost of a young woman called Judy. In fact, there have been claims of this woman developing crush on the male projectionists. Once she picks up a crush, the person’s name would be called across the stage or they would experience spooky touches on their backs.

Kells Irish Pub, Seattle

This place was a mortuary in the past, which was later converted to Kells Irish Restaurant & Bar. In fact, it is one of the most haunted places in entire North America. The sheer number of dead bodies that have passed through the property might be a cause for such strong paranormal activity. These people perished due to mining accidents, violent crimes, or epidemics.

There have been reports of mirrors shattering out of nowhere, glasses being swiped off, and uncertain voices. This is certainly a place to visit on your DC tours if you are a ghost enthusiast.

Starvation Heights Sanitarium, Olalla

This is a sanitarium, which was run by Dr. Linda Hazzard and her husband, Sam. The doctor used strange techniques to treat her patients; one of the main methods being starvation. As you would expect, several of the patients ended up dead.

The doctor was said to be a very demonic character. She maintained a popular public image while she had evil ways within the sanitarium, incinerating dead bodies within the complex. Several of these patients’ ghosts are said to dwell within the building even today.

Northern State Mental Hospital, Sedro-Woolley

At one point in the past, around 2000 patients lived in the Northern State Mental hospital. A majority of them died within the building. Many of the deaths were caused by the failed treatments and other complications during treatment. As a result, the place has seen numerous instances of paranormal activity.

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