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Washington DC, the US capital is a city of many historic and cultural buildings and monuments. Influence of ancient Egypt, classical Greece and Rome cultures are visible in the architecture of the buildings. These buildings of Washington DC are some of the favorite destinations of visitors. Below is a list of some impressive buildings in Washington DC which you need to visit. Let’s check what these buildings are.

House of Sweden

It is the home for embassies of Sweden and Iceland. This waterfront building in Georgetown is a good example showcasing Swedish design and architecture. It is officially inaugurated in 2006 and within a year it gained wide popularity. House of Sweden hosts a number of exhibitions. Its architecture and waterfront views are always impressive.

US Capitol

The United States Capitol, often called Capitol building, was the meeting chamber of the United States legislature for more than two centuries. US capitol is a symbol of American democracy. In addition to the meeting chamber, it houses American art and stands as an architectural symbol. US Capitol is a prime example of 19th-century neoclassical architecture which encompasses the styles of Federal and Greek revival architecture.

Library of Congress

Library of Congress was a research library of the United States Congress. It is the oldest federal cultural institution of the United States. This world’s largest library has a universal collection of research materials in more than 450 languages from different parts of the world. Admission to this building is free of cost. Both outside and inside sculptures, and artwork details of the building are incredible.

Union Station

Unlike other train stations, Union station is somewhat different in its architecture. Restored historic beauty with classical and Beaux-Arts architecture, huge statues, dramatic staircases, arches, gold leaf ceilings, etc. makes Union station distinct from the other train stations.

Arena Stage

Arena stage or mead center for American theater is an example of signaling the transition to modern architecture in southwest DC by the Canadian architect Bing Thom. This not – for – profit regional theater was built in 1950 as a part of Regional Theater Movement. Arena theaters are those having audiences around the four sides of the stage.

National Museum of African American History and Culture

The National Museum of African American History and Culture was established in December 2003 and opened in September 2016 by President Barack Obama. This building in the National Mall is a collection of artifacts which showcases the history and culture of America through African American experience. The building was designed by British-Ghanaian architect named David Adjaye. The beautiful exterior of the building in bronze makes it stand out at the National Mall.

Eisenhower Executive Office Building

Eisenhower Executive Office Building is a US government building built for the State Department and Navy. It was formerly known as the old executive office building. The building houses a number of White House offices. This architectural landmark is a good example of the French Second Empire style of architecture.

The Willard InterContinental Hotel

This historic luxurious hotel having designs of Beaux – Arts architecture is located two blocks east of the White House. It is commonly known as the Willard Hotel. The facilities of Willard InterContinental include Luxurious guest rooms, numerous restaurants, several luxury shops, function rooms, etc. From 1853, it has hosted almost every U.S. president. Interiors of the building are remarkable with carved ceilings, impressive columns, huge chandeliers, and attractive staircases.

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is one of the ten world’s largest churches. It is also the largest Catholic Church in the country. The basilica houses 70 chapels. Its Greek style interior crowned with mosaic domes is quite amazing. The church was designed to hold 10,000 worshipers. Shrines built in the style of medieval churches are simply beautiful. Modern amenities such as basement cafeteria, Places for public address speakers at the altar, air conditioning, etc. are also included in the building.

The Hirshhorn Museum

Hirshhorn Museum is a visually amazing art museum both from the outside and the inside. Entrance to the museum is absolutely free of cost. It is built in such a shape similar to a hollow cylinder. This art museum with the permanent art collection of Joseph H. Hirshhorn is an unmissable place to visit.

National Gallery of Art, East Building

National Gallery of Art is a national art museum which is a combination of Modern architecture, neoclassical architecture, and Contemporary architecture. It was officially opened in 1978 and expanded in 2016. This expansion opened up gallery spaces in two towers and connected them with a rooftop terrace. A walk through the underground walkway of the gallery will be a memorable experience.

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