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Washington DC is famous for its historical background and various neo-classical monuments. Other than this, there are many enlightening museums in DC, which depicts the past, present, and future of the United States of America.

One of the iconic spots in Washington DC is the Union Station. This metro station serves as a home to the Virginia Railway Express (VRE), Metro’s Red Line, Maryland Rail Commuter Services, Amtrak, and Ground Transportation Services. Because of this, many travelers come here on a daily basis.

According to reports, around 100,000 people pass through the Union Station every day. Out of this, about 20,000 people come through the main hall. Other than the transportation, the crowded station also houses a food court and a shopping mall. Below are some interesting facts about the Union Station.

  • The first train to run through this station was the Baltimore and Ohio Pittsburgh express, which arrived here at 06:30 am on October 27, 1907. The interesting fact is that the construction of the station was going on at that time and the fully constructed station was accomplished in 1908.
  • The veteran American architect and urban designer, Daniel H Burnham, who was the chief architect of the Chicago’s world fair in 1893, designed the Union Metro Station. He detailed the transportation hub with Beaux-Arts style and the overall cost was $25 million.
  • You can see many carved figures that weigh 25 tons each at the main entrance of the station. These figures represent fire, agriculture, electricity, and mechanics.
  • The dimension of the main hall of this transportation hub is 120 x 119 feet. Here, the ceiling is constructed with plaster and to enhance the look gold leaves of 22 carats are embedded in it. Other than this, there are figures of 36 Roman warriors in the main hall’s balcony.
  • The wood used in all the brilliant woodworks in the station is solid mahogany. Furthermore, there are original antique gates in the main entrance of the station.
  • The white granites in the Union Station were an inspiration for the Washington Monument and many other structures in DC. Even today, the white granites have great importance in architecture.
  • There was a plan to demolish the Union Station because of the declining rail use. Luckily, it was restored with all its glory in the year 1965.
  • The Union Station once had a Presidential Suite, which was used by the Presidents as well as Kings and Queens of various countries to spend their quality time.
  • There are retail spaces of over 210,000 square feet in the station, which includes a 100,000 square feet office area, 50,000 square feet house restaurants, and public space along with a 200,000 square feet baggage space.

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