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Washington DC has numerous memorials dedicated to former presidents of the country and those who sacrificed their lives in the brutal wars. These places evoke a feeling of the lost lives and the history associated with each struggle they took part in. You have to visit these places to truly experience the energy associated with each spot. Below is a discussion on the most important memorials you can visit on your private tour Washington DC.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is among the most famous monuments in Washington, DC. This is a 170-meter high obelisk erected in the honor of George Washington, the first president of the country and the commanding general of Colonies as the American Revolution took place. It is usually open to the public and the entry is free. It offers one of the finest views of the city.

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is among the most famous of all the memorials. It pays respect to the 16th president of the country and due to his popularity, the place is one of the very beloved for the nation. It is situated close to the western side of the National Mall.

The memorial is built using white marble and resembles a Greek Doric temple. As a result, most visitors to the city can recognize the place

Jefferson Memorial

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president of the country who is also responsible for writing the American Declaration of Independence. It can be found in the display of National Archives. The Jefferson Memorial rests on the Tidal Basin towards the southwestern part of National Mall. The place borrows the design of the Parthenon in Rome, the Rotunda of the University of Virginia, and Jefferson’s home in Monticello, making it an easily recognizable structure.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

The longest memorial out of all is dedicated to the 32nd and the president serving the longest period of time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Situated close to the Jefferson Memorial, it is usually overlooked.

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial houses 5 rooms stretched across the western edge of Tidal Basin. This represents one room each for the presidential years he served and an additional room as prologue room. Every room has many stories to tell. They are represented through inscriptions, sculptures, and waterfalls. This memorial has the peculiarity of being only one of the very few in the capital city that is designed by a landscape architect. Further, there is a small memorial to Franklin Delano Roosevelt situated in the National Archives grounds.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Flame

This is a simple yet strong memorial of President Kennedy. This is also the memorial gravesite where he rests along with his wife and 2 children. Note that it is located well inside the Arlington National Cemetery. It is accessible only when the cemetery stays open, so make sure the place is open before visiting. Apart from the memorial gravesite, you can visit the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. This place is a national memorial to the former President Kennedy.

Ulysses S. Grant

Stop by next to the United States Capitol to find the General Ulysses S. Grant Memorial. This also happens to be the largest equestrian monument in the country. The memorial pays honors to Grant as a president and a general in the American Civil War. It consists of an equestrian statue of the former president along with representations of artillery and Union cavalry on both the sides. It is conveniently located for those who visit the Capitol Building in Union Square. Make sure you stop to take a few pictures at the place.

Theodore Roosevelt Island National Memorial

This is located in a remote island located in the Potomac River close to the Georgetown Waterfront and the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. The memorial contains 4 massive granite tablets arranged on a plaza to the middle of a landscaped park.


WW2 Memorial

The WW2 Memorial has a representation of victory to the center of the National Mall. It is a 3 hectares-large memorial built out of granite and is full of symbols that represent peace and victory. You can visit this place after visiting the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument as it is situated on the National Mall.

Vietnam Memorial

Dedicated in 1982, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial has been one that created a lot of controversy at the time of its opening. Today, it is one of the most respected and frequently visited memorials of all. It features the names of more than 58,000 Americans who lost their lives in the Vietnam War. There are also a few statues that were erected after its dedication.

Above are some of the important memorials dedicated to the greatest personalities and the war heroes. Visit these places to experience the history of the country.

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