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Washington DC is currently one of the most popular options when it comes to hottest and happening tourist destinations. In fact, it will be at one of the top positions on the bucket list of most travelers. There are many attractions in the capital city of the United States that contributes to this popularity, such as the historical monuments, treasured museums, a number of free attractions, happening nightlife, adventurous sports varieties, budget-friendly markets, and many more. Hence, DC will be the perfect option for each and every traveler irrespective of their area of interest – the city has something in store for everyone.

Some tourists may experience a bad rap while touring Washington DC such as the necessity of asking routes the passers-by, delayed metro trains, etc. However, all these things can be easily tackled and you can explore the American capital city like a local. For this, you must figure out the things that you must never do in DC rather than the things that you can do here. Some of those important things that you must strictly avoid while traveling around Washington DC are given below.

Swimming in the Reflecting Pond

One of the most famous and striking attractions in Washington DC is the large reflecting pool that connects the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. This pond is regarded as a reverent ground and there is certain etiquette that you must follow when here. Deciding to take a dip in the pool is not at all a cool option. The same thing is applied to most of the public pools and fountains in the capital city of the United States.

Smoking Weed at Public Places

You will be amazed to know that consuming marijuana is somewhat legal in Washington DC. However, you cannot consume it at public places like shopping malls, playgrounds, federal streets, etc. In fact, if you are caught using marijuana at family-friendly places or at historical sites, you will be heavily penalized for that.

Clogging the Sidewalks

DC is a busy city and there will be a huge number of visitors in the city in order to explore the interesting attractions and highlights here. However, the authoritative people would not have probably envisioned such a scenario while constructing the city. Hence, most of the sidewalks in DC are narrow – try not to clog them, of course. On a related note, the locals in DC will always be in a busy schedule, and so, it will be better to step back a bit if they pass by.

Ignoring the ‘Door Closing’ Announcement

The traffic scenario in Washington DC is pretty famous. In fact, it is a known thing that you are likely to get held up in the traffic for at least 2 hours. Hence, most tourists tend to access metro rails in order to spend their time in DC wisely. In this case, you may hear about the ‘door closing’ announcement frequently. Note that this is not a suggestion but a warning, and if you did not step out of the way, the doors will close on you. Trying to hold the doors for your fellow mate or rushing through the doors at the last second will be really dangerous. Rather, wait a couple of minutes for the next train in such cases.

Standing on the Left Side of the Elevators

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Another important tip that is useful for travelers who access metro rail transportation system is to avoid standing on the left side of the elevators. The proper etiquette is to stand on the right side of the elevator and walk through the left side. The worst thing that you must avoid in this case is walking hands-in-hands with your partner. Note that the locals will be rushing to their offices barreling down the escalators; you will get enough time for chatting in the train.

Overlooking the Local Fare

Most tourists will go for the obvious options such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Starbucks, etc., while touring Washington DC. Actually, you may probably have all these options back at your hometown as well. Therefore, it will be better to skip these obvious choices and go for the local fare that offer stunning food at reasonable prices. In fact, this is the best way to savor the authentic taste of Washington DC at cheap rates. One of the best options in DC that you may consider in order to pamper your taste buds is the half-smokes.

Traveling around the City without a Set Budget

In most cases, flying to Washington DC will be really expensive, especially if you decided to book at the last moment. In order to tackle this expense as well as the high cost of living that you may expect in the city, you must set a budget and plan your itinerary accordingly. Thankfully, there are many free things to do and see in the city. Plus, most of the hotels offer complimentary buffets. Otherwise, you may consider cheap street food stalls here. When it comes to transportation, choosing metro rail will be an affordable option. Better, if you have a transportation pass.

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