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Located at the Penn Quarter Neighborhood of Washington DC, the popular International Spy Museum is only one of its kinds in the whole of United States. More than 200 gadgets, vehicles, bugs, technologies, cameras and weapons used for espionage worldwide since ages are been demonstrated here in the museum. A tourist in their Washington DC tour should not miss the wonders of the International Spy Museum.

Interactive Tours

Spy in the City: Through the eyes of a spy, the city of Washington DC is explored. This walking mission permits you to solve a spy case all by yourselves, as the technology is GPS based. For solving this out, the spy skills of evasion, code-breaking, and observation had to be used.

Operation Spy: One of the most interesting sections of the Interactive tours designed by the museum will be an action-packed hour. Here you will get to witness a live demonstration of US intelligence officers locating a missing nuclear device on an international mission. Video characters, live-action, special effects, hands-on activities and themed environments add more interactive experience to the tour.

Most Popular Exhibits of the Museum

Through the life stories of famous individuals and their objective, techniques, and tools, the tradecraft of espionage is being presented in the exhibits very beautifully. The following are some of the popular exhibits in the museum.

The Secret History of History: The historical exhibit that talks of the chronicles of spying from the age of bible to the early 20th century.

War of the Spies: With the help of the Berlin Tunnel, the Cold War period is demonstrated very artistically. Apart from that, the internal security force, the Stasi and the fall of the Soviet Union are also discussed in the background of Post-war Berlin.

The 21st Century: The final film of the museum titled Ground Truth, will portray the challenges faced by 21st-century intelligence professionals all across the world.

School for Spies: This provides a basic introduction to the adventurous world of espionage. The exhibit also narrates about the tools and skills required for a spy.

Expansion Plans and Redevelopment of Museum

In accordance with the expansion purposes, the museum had announced that they are planning to relocate the museum to a new venue. A retail store, new café and some space for exhibiting the installations are also being scheduled in the plans.

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