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The West Coast of Washington State is popular for Hollywood celebrities, the Portland for hipsters, and the Silicon Valley for remarkable tech geniuses. With all these glories surrounding the state, the ghosts in Washington are deprived of its attention. Yet there are actually a lot of strange, haunted, and wacky activities going on in the Washington State. Ranging from ghosts to UFO gateways, weird creatures to serial killers, there are actually a lot of options for anyone who is looking for paranormal activities in Washington.

Some of the ghost stories that are found in Pacific Northwest are not just captivating tales, they actually give inspiration to the adventurers and crypto-zoologists of the present times. For example, if you are seeking for a Bigfoot, you are most likely to find it in forested areas of Washington because the wooded regions are well known for its sightings of Sasquatch. Below is a list of some of the creepy stories you should know before touring Washington DC.

The Mysterious Sinking of the Andelana

One of the major maritime disasters that could be seen in the past of Tacoma took place when the chains to the heavy metal logs of the Andelana broke in a late-night storm. The ship overturned when it reached the Puyallup River’s mouth. All of the 18 crewmembers including the captain drowned at that night. Two of the divers who went to recover the ship also died sinking and no one knows the reason for this happening.

Stairway to Hell

Many people believe that there is a stairway in Maltby Cemetery, which leads directly to hell; it is located at a distance of 20 miles to the east of Seattle. The legend says that this cemetery had a set of thirteen steps that lead you down to the sumptuous local family tombs, and if anyone climbed down the stairs and reached the last step, they would get a vision about the hell, which would drive them to madness.

Many witnesses reported that they have seen people walking down the stairs and seen them falling on their knees with fear as they reached the final step. Similarly, a number of children who had walked down these steps had never talked again.

During a point of time, these stairs were bulldozed over. Yet it is said that the local kids in the area trespass to this cemetery at night for digging out the haunted stairs.

Mysterious Mascot in Mariner High School

The legend says that the Mariner High School in Everett, Washington, is haunted by a strange creature. It is said that the lights of the high school would start flickering by midnight and some of the lights suddenly shut down for some unknown reason.

It is also said that you would be able to see glowing eyes floating in the air if you go closer to the school during that time. Some people even say that if you stare at the glowing pair of eyes for a long time, you would be able to see a winged man’s outline. Many believe it to be the ghost of a construction worker who died at this place.

Bigfoot Found in Woods of Washington

Washington is really the exact place to go to if you want to find a Bigfoot. The state has over 500 sightings of Sasquatch; there is no other place in the globe with this large Sasquatch sighting. There are many stories about these tall and hairy men scaring off campers, hikers, and lumberjacks. Some people also associate Bigfoot to a messenger of warning who is asking humans to change their ways.

A former soldier of the Army Special Forces of Washington claims to have fed these giant Sasquatch beings in the forest. He also says that the creature used a distinctive language. He related the creature to have been about six and seven feet tall, and presumably having a weight of about 500 pounds. Everyone who is said to have encountered the Bigfoot has a different story to tell though.

Mount Rainier’s UFO Hot Spot

The biggest and the most famous times in the history of UFO sightings occurred when Pilot Kenneth Arnold saw nine flying saucers over the Mount Rainier on June 24, 1947. This was one of the biggest UFO sightings of the period, and it is said to have brought up a craze for Unidentified Flying Objects.

The UFO sighting was globally noticed and many succeeding sightings started cropping up all over the world. Just after these reported sightings, the government even put up a UFO investigation project. Many people tried to ridicule Arnold’s UFO sighting as a falsehood, while some tried to explain it. However, many people still take heed of his testimony and believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life.

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