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Visitors arriving in the capital city have found delight not only in its popular attractions but in its historic neighborhoods as well. Among the neighborhoods, Chinatown occupying a little part of Washington literally makes the visitor feels they are in some busy street in China. This flashy and historic neighborhood is one place to definitely visit while touring Washington DC. Chinatown has all that reminds one of the rich tradition and culture of China. The dragons, Chinese restaurants, buildings, and shops all line this colorful street in Washington giving a truly memorable visit.

About Chinatown

Chinatown is one of the many historic neighborhoods in Washington known for its cultural diversity, attractions and atmosphere. One should definitely go to Chinatown on a Washington DC tour to feel the vibrant culture and liveliness that thrives in this place. Located near Penn Quarter, which is yet another vibrant and live district in Washington, Chinatown has the richness of cultural diversity that is difficult to find in others.

The neighborhood is lined with a good collection of Chinese and Asian restaurants making it the one place to visit for anyone wishing to relish on some fine oriental cuisine. The Chinese food served at Chinatown’s are simply the best in the whole of Washington and is one stop for all food lovers around.

A Short History

The area of Chinatown has a rich history mainly from immigrants mostly Germans in the early twentieth century. It was only in the 1930’s that immigrant from China slowly began to settle in the area. The place witnessed an exodus of residents during the riots of 1968 that led many to move into the other areas of the city.

In the year 1986, the renowned architect Alfred Liu gave a new character to the neighborhood by erecting the imposing Chinese gate known as the Friendship Archway. Afterward, the neighborhood went through extensive demolitions and construction that led to its transformation into the bustling Chinatown that exists today.

The Attractions of Chinatown

Chinatown offers plenty of things to see and experience for the visitors. The grand exuberant celebrations of the Chinese New Year happen right in Chinatown. Visiting the neighborhood during this time is an opportunity to partake in the celebrations that will surely give a memorable experience. Capital One Arena, a prominent attraction in Chinatown is a venue where several sports events and performances are held.

Performing arts from China and other Asiatic countries are held in this venue making it a chance to see and indulge in these magnificent art forms. Besides, Chinatown is the one place to relish on the finest Chinese and Asian cuisine at its array of popular restaurants and bars that line the street.

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