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For over 200 years, the National Mall of Washington DC has symbolized the United States and the democratic values it holds to inspire the whole world. The DC Mall is actually a rectangular long part that stretches from the U.S. Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. The National Mall is approximately 3 km long and 0.5 km wide, and it is also home to ten Smithsonian Institution museums, which regularly conduct a wide variety of adventurous and entertaining exhibits.

The other major attractions in the DC Mall include the National Gallery of Art, the U.S. Botanic Garden, and many other national monuments and memorials. The expansive open spaces and landscaped gardens within the national park add more beauty to it and make it one of the finest tourist spots in the United States of America.

As per the American Institute of Architects, the top ten favorite architectural gems of half the Americans are located within the National Mall. So make sure to explore the uniquely designed marvels and other attractions inside the museum when you are going on a private tour Washington DC. However, it is significant to note that people who are new to the place often get confused, as they are unable to decide what are the memorials and monuments that they should see. The National Mall is vast and big and there are plenty of things to do and see here, so it will be best covered with a professional Washington DC tour guide.

Note that even with a personal tour guide, you will not be able to see all the memorials and monuments in the DC Mall in a single day. So, it is best to compile a list of things to do and see while you are visiting the place. Below are some of the must-see monuments and memorials that you should certainly check out while you are going on a National Mall tour.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial inside the National Mall is divided into four outdoor “rooms” in order to honor the four terms of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the office. You can find plenty of murals and statues that represent issues from the Great Depression to World War II inside each one of these rooms. In addition to that, tourists will be also able to learn more about some of the significant events in the history of the country when they are visiting the FDR Memorial.

Korean War Veterans Memorial

The Korean War Veterans Memorial that resides on the southeast side of the Lincoln Memorial contains stainless steel statues, Pool of Remembrance, and many other noticeable components that are dedicated to the Army forces of the U.S. who served and sacrificed their lives for the country during the Korean War. This memorial is open to the public at all hours and you don’t even have to pay an admission fee to gain entry. The rangers who are on duty will answers the questions of tourists and natives every day from 09:30 am to 10:00 pm.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial, which stands tall as a symbol of liberty, is regarded as the favorite piece of architecture on the DC Mall by several tourists. This elegantly designed structure often holds ceremonies and annual events such as the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Easter sunrise service, and memorial exercises. Several tourists are not aware of the fact that the Thomas Jefferson Memorial was designed as a Roman Pantheon’s small version with ionic columns and marble steps. You can find a bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson inside the memorial, whereas the interior walls of the building have excerpts from the Declaration of Independence, letters, and speeches.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the DC Mall was created to honor the soldiers of the United States Armed forces who participated in the Vietnam War. The memorial is divided into three parts: the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, the Vietnam Women’s Memorial, and The Three Soldiers statue. The unconventional design of the memorial was severely criticized by several artists in the initial years, but the site rapidly became a place for healing, pilgrimage, and grieving. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is currently one of the most moving and visited memorials on the National Mall.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

As the name indicates, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial pays tribute to the renowned American pastor, who was a humanitarian activist and a well-known leader in the legendary civil rights movement. You can see the “I Have a Dream” speech inscribed here that was delivered by Martin Luther King, Jr. near the Lincoln Memorial in the year, 1963. Martin Luther King, Jr. is depicted as the “stone of hope” in the memorial while the two granite pieces that are placed near him is regarded as the “mountain of despair”.

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