5 Incredible Trails and Places to Take a Stroll in Washington

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Have you ever thought of touring Washington by foot? The thought seems worrying to some as covering the expansive region by foot is surely going to make you tired and time-consuming. However, it has its own of advantages that actually free you from the limitations set by many Washington DC tour packages. In fact, you will find that if you embark on a walking tour, it is the best way to explore the city and its collections of sights in a relaxed manner.

After all, monuments and historical places are something to be taken in lightly and not to be hurried. Besides, Washington has a good collection of many trails and places to take a leisurely walk and explore the city. This gives you a chance to discover the true spirit of the city, which is what travel is all about. Below are some of the best places to take a stroll during your Washington DC tour.

Along the Anacostia River

The trails along the Anacostia River are perfect for a leisurely walk. The area is serene and the riverside ambiance is perfect for a stroll along its tree-lined walkways. There are several sites along the way if you continue on the north side of the river such as the Nationals Park, the Titanic Memorial, the Navy Yard, Maine Avenue Fish Market, and the Buzzard Point.

C&O Canal Towpath

A part of the long extending Potomac Heritage Trail, the C&O Canal Towpath is one place to surely include in your walking tour itinerary. The path is well maintained and walking through it will cover you along the canal, old bridges, historical structures, and tree-lined paths. The trail offers excellent scenic views that you cannot find anywhere else in Washington.

National Mall Trek

A walk through the National Mall is something that you should take while touring Washington DC. This expansive trek offers you a great chance to explore the famous monuments, historical buildings, and statues here. Perfect for the afternoons, a stroll through this iconic place is sure to gift you a memorable experience while visiting Washington.

Fort Circle Park Hiker-Biker Trail

You will never want to miss this seven-mile hiking and biking trail in Washington. Situated along the trail are several historic structures such as the civil war forts such as Fort Stanton and Fort Mahan. This splendid walkway is known for its truly enriching natural setting that can rejuvenate you when completing the full stretch.

14th Street NW

A walk along the 14th street neighborhood could give you a dose of the bustle of the city. A walk in this neighborhood will take you across restaurants, shops, boutiques, gyms, and coffee shops. You could visit any of them while on a stroll and revitalize by savoring some delicacies and coffee or go shopping.

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