3 Things to Do With Toddlers in Washington DC

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There are plenty of things to do and see while you are touring Washington DC with your kids. However, it is significant to note the fact that finding attractive activities that capture the attention of preschoolers and toddlers can be a little bit challenging if you are a first time visitor to the city.

In addition to that, you should also realize that some of the most popular museums in Washington DC do not offer regular exhibits to kids of this age group. Yet, some other famous tourist spots in the city have a lot to offer for these young explores. Below are some of the best things you can do when you are going on a Washington DC tour with your little ones.

National Museum of American History

The Wegmans Wonderplace at the National Museum of American History in Washington DC is the first exhibit on the mall that was specially designed for newborn and kids below the age of six. This exhibit contains a replica of the kitchen of Julia Child, a farm to grow and buy food, and a grocery store. Your kids will have plenty of things to touch and see in the area and you can also find a number of benches with nursing pillows to relax there.

National Building Museum

The major toddler attractions in the National Building Museum of Washington DC are undoubtedly the Play Work Build exhibit and the Building Zone. These two areas are specifically designed for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids will love to create and build blocks of different sizes and shapes, which will in turn boost their creativity and imagination. The exhibits in the building describe the history of building methods and materials in great details, which means that the museum has a lot in store for adults too.

United States Botanic Garden

Another perfect spot for families who are traveling to Washing DC with their toddlers is the United States Botanic Garden. Make sure to stop at the Children’s Garden to instill a love of environment to your kid right from a younger age. Kids will be able to dig in the dirt, run through the mist, and water the plants while they are in the Children’s Garden. The garden regularly hosts free programs for preschoolers such as hands-on events and story times to entertain and engage toddlers.

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