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The capital of United States is packed with a number of iconic monuments and must-see attractions that will leave you awestruck. However, several tourists who have gone on a private tour Washington DC have a misconception that the city has given away all its secrets. The reality is that there are still a number of unexplored places in this magnificent city.

If you are ready to do something unique and adventurous during your Washington DC tour, then you should try to dig some of the secrets that the US Capital have been hiding from both natives and tourists. If you wondering where to begin, we have got you covered.

The DEA Museum

It is true that Washington DC boasts a number of internationally renowned museums that entertains and educates us. However, only a few tourists are aware of the fact that there is Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) museum in the city. This museum, which was recently renovated, allows you to know a lot more about drugs, drug abuse, drug enforcement agency, and a lot more. Apart from that, tourists will also be able to know about the history of heroin, Colombian cartels, and Pablo Escobar.

The Adams Memorial

The cemetery sculpture in the Adams Memorial of Washington DC is so intense that you will feel like crying and confessing to your sins. The locals in the city will tell you the sad tale, which leaded to the design of the memorial. The wife of a famous writer, Henry Adams drank photography chemicals and committed in the year 1885. The writer then commissioned Augustus Saint-Gaudens and asked them to cast a memorial that represented the Buddhist idea of nirvana.

The Hidden Forest

If you are a huge fan of dark intense movies and TV shows, then you should head straight to the Glass Forest in Palisades. The hidden DC forest, which gives you a Blair-Witch vibe, is ornamented with twig tangles, decorative mirrors, and old bicycle parts. Taking a stroll through this creepy and cool Glass Forrest will be one of the highlighting moments of your Washington DC tour.

If you still have time after visiting these three hidden spots in Washington DC, then you should schedule a visit to the Franciscan Monastery in Brookland and get blessings for your dog.

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