What are the Trends in Digital Signage?

Digital Signage solutions are the most promising trends in advertising right now because of how they can communicate directly with the audience. This unique nature also makes it an effective communication tool to improve the efficiency of work environments. Moreover, these are now easily managed cloud-based systems that can offer user-specific information. Therefore, the user is always updated with the relevant information and saves a lot of time by not having to gather information. Since they are cloud-based they can be accessed easily anywhere. The following are some of the important Digital Signage trends.

Digital Screens for Internal Communication

Within work environments, the employees communicate with different applications and many of it involves the screen. As a result, they are bombarded with information and hence relevant information might be sidelined. A solution is using digital screens in shared spaces to display the most relevant information to the organisation. Because of this, they are regularly informed of such information as deadlines, targets, announcements, metrics or even internal notices. This can naturally improve the overall efficiency of work culture and a very common sight inside the stock market trading place.

Creating Dynamic Content by Analysing Screen Traffic

It is observed that 80% of the customers would rather buy a service or product if they are given a personalised screen experience by a brand. This principle can be applied to internal communication within organisations i.e. employees are provided with the key information at the right time. Because of this, their individual performance can be increased. One of the ways this can be implemented is using a facial recognition system to identify the user or employee.

Handsome group is a digital signage company and uses a more generalised method to prioritise data or information displayed on a screen. If a person looks at the screen it activates the system and it helps to identify the least or most viewed information. Hence, you can either filter out the less important information or increase the duration of important information that is viewed.

Secure Dashboard Sharing

In a group work environment, a public digital dashboard displays the progress of a specific task. Handsome group provides solutions that enable individuals to share their personal dashboard information to such public dashboards through secure cloud-based rendering. Therefore, it avoids making personal dashboards public, sharing private login details or pay for expensive licences to let others view the dashboards.

Mobile Phone Based Digital Signage Interactions

We can use mobile phones to manage Digital Signage content, for example by scanning the QR code on the screen we access and upload the information on the phone.  This is particularly useful when we have to make unplanned or sudden changes in content.

These are some of the newest Digital Signage trends that the Handsome Group is involved currently.

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