Remodeling Ideas For Master Bathroom

Making a master bathroom will increase your house’s resale value and improve your standard of health and happiness. To make sure that you get what you want out of remodeling, consider the tips mentioned below, and look for helpful resources to hire a contractor.

Basics of Remodeling

Do not forget to put in a 10% to 15% cushion to your budget. Like any remodeling job, master bathroom remodeling can have unexpected things, particularly because electric work, tilework, plumbing and carpentry should be tackled in a tiny space. So, it is worth hiring an experienced remodeling contractor to handle the various tradesmen and women required to fulfill the job properly.


Planning is also important, as with all remodeling projects. For instance, do you or your family very rarely use a bathtub? Or is a long bath in the tub your most preferred way to unwind after coming home following a day’s work? Maybe you would prefer a lavish steam shower or rain shower to an experience similar to a spa. Consider including at least a bathtub at home because a guest or family member could have to bathe instead of taking a shower.

Design choices can save money or be expensive. For instance, keeping present plumbing lines where they are will save a lot. Just rearrange the place of your toilet, sink and shower or tub if this move will add to the aesthetics and functionality of the room. The master bathroom space can include storage and closets, and laundry space. It makes sense to keep clothing nearby and share plumbing.


You tend to share a master bathroom. Plan well in order to make it work for at least two people. Things to consider are double showers and double sinks, to prepare very often. Much dedicated storage and counter space for everyone who uses the bathroom will help activities go smoothly, especially on mornings where you feel rather stressed. For the sake of privacy, locate the toilet just behind a wall, extending partly from the floor to ceiling, or in its water closet.


Big baths are popular, but having a tall ceiling will potentially make it a drafty room. It is possible to counteract this issue through radiant floor heating, or by using a smaller space which might feel much more comfortable. It is possible to spend a lot of money on finer finishes and fixtures instead of choosing square footage.

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