How To Recover From A PR Mess

When you run a company, maintaining a positive brand image becomes vital. When the feelings that the public associate with your brand are honesty, true to the product, customer friendly, employee friendly and so on, it paints a rosy picture. This not only helps attract great talent to work with your firm but also helps bring in investors and partners to work with you and further expand your reach.

It is a sign of trouble especially when the general public have a bad taste in their mouth when they think of your firm. This is what brings us to the importance that the PR (public relations) team plays. They help you create a positive outlook for your brand not by paid advertisements but by cleverly injecting it into television shows, newspaper, editorial pieces on blogs, websites and the social media as well.

Now what happens when an event of major negative publicity is created against your brand? How does the PR firm navigate through all the trash and hate to bring your firm out in one piece? Let us find out…

No One Is Immune

If you were to ask as to why such a reputation crushing scandal would surface in an “honest” firm, then you’re asking the wrong question. No business is immune to PR disasters. It doesn’t matter if yours is a shop that caters to the locals or a conglomerate that has reaches all over the globe. For instance, in India, Cadbury had the situation with a worm being found in a chocolate bar; and Nestle’s Maggi products were tested positive for excessive lead and adding MSG’s. These are company crushing scenarios, which causes people to lose trust in these businesses. What customers don’t trust, they don’t buy!

Damage Control: How Do PR Firms Navigate The Storm?

The first hurdle is to accept and own the problem. This is the first thing that needs to be done to begin repairing the lost reputation. Damage is already done; now is the time to begin repairing it. Monitoring every news and media updates is necessary. Be ready to address each and every issue that pops up anywhere. Experts like PR Agency Sydney will analyse various commentaries and use the perfect words and the perfect marketing strategy to counteract all the negativity that is being hurled at your company. Finally, it is imperative to openly show empathy and that you have learnt your lesson, and make sure everyone knows this. Take it as a challenge to emerge out of the fiasco, and you’ve already won half the battle…

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