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Latest SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization can be depicted as an ongoing competition among search engine companies and website design. Sites always look to rank their pages at the top. Meanwhile, search engines look to refine the content they provide to the users. This is done to improve the customer experience. As a result, there are updates appearing nearly every few days that help the search engines refine their results. Below is a discussion of a few such recent changes in SEO strategies that are influential in the ranking of your website.

Mobile Designs

Google has released several updates that are set to make the mobile search one of its primary indices. This comes as a result of the statistic that 60% of the searches are coming from mobile devices. Mobile-first approach should become the top priority for you while developing your SEO strategies.

Topical Relevance Changes

Search engines are constantly changing to look for more content that is made for the relevant searches and the user. Therefore, the keyword research should be shifted towards a topic development keeping these in mind. One-keyword and one page SEO are things of the past. Nowadays, search engines analyze the content more deeply for each topic. Eventually, topical relevance has become the key to SEO strategy.

Original Content

Google is making every attempt to avoid spammy SEO techniques. Therefore, the focus should be on meaningful and original content. One of the recommended ways to achieve this is by allowing employees to develop personal brands. Further, internal brand advocates can be picked. The blog content and bylines will help your business to engage with various sections of the audience.

Site Caching

Search engines look to display results that are important and provide the most meaningful user experience. Caching is one decent way to reduce the loading time of your website. This further allows lower bounce rates and increased rankings. Basic browser caching is an effective tool, but you can also try AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This will help you deliver content through Google-hosted reserve of the cache.

Image Optimization

Image search has become a more important aspect than a content search. Millennials tend to like the more convenient route, which is infographics while looking for specific content. When they search for something, they will prefer an image rather than a blog and they will definitely pick the former owing to the ease of access and understanding.

Make sure you use the above strategies and find your rankings improve.

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