Marketing Trends to Expect in 2020

Online Marketing Companies

Online Marketing Companies

Digital marketers should be up-to-date about what is going on in marketing because this is an ever-changing field. For the same reason, it is not easy for even the best marketing companies to keep up with the changing trends. This is why we have compiled the following list of trends to expect in 2020, including ongoing trends.

Trends to Watch Out For Next Year

Voice Search

Marketing professionals cannot overlook voice search any longer. This is because more and more households are likely to have smart speakers by 2022. With that in mind, you must prioritize optimizing your website content for this form of search next year.


It is time to avoid generic advertisements. Most customers are likelier to purchase from a business that offers personalized experiences, so you should incorporate personalized marketing into your marketing strategy in 2020.

Social Messaging Applications

The messaging apps have been available for a long time, but more brands will utilize these to interact with customers in 2020. These applications make very personalized marketing possible, and help people to be directly in touch with businesses conveniently.

Interactive Content

A vast majority of customers are searching for interactive information when they shop for products online. So, shoppable content, AR/VR, quizzes, polls, and spherical videos should be added to your marketing policy for 2020.

Automated Bidding in Google’s ‘Ads’ Platform

Smart bidding and automation in the advertising platform of Google is likely to be the norm. These improvements would help you better optimize your bids, making you able to maximize your conversions.

Ongoing Trends


Many people would rather discover more about a service or product through video content, so unsurprisingly, video is here to stay. An increasing number of businesses use this type of content to communicate marketing ideas. Just posting a poor video for no reason other than to put it out there for the public, will not amount to success. The quality is more important than the quantity of your video.

Influencer Marketing

This one of the very effective ways to reach customers interested in your offerings. It will deliver eleven times higher pay-off than other kinds of marketing, so it is popular among marketers.

Position Zero

The first ranking position on the SERP is not 1 any longer. Position zero is where it is at. This sought-after position features plain text content from your site, and it is and will be the top spot.

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