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The infusion of technology into fashion industry has resulted in tremendous changes and new innovations over the past few years. Nanotechnology is another innovation that brought a whole new level of changes to this industry. The textiles created based on the nanotechnology, known as the nanotextiles, have given an opportunity for the clothing manufacturers to work with tech-fused fabrics which have many superior properties.

Clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles have been using this technology for a long time to create fabrics that have chemical resistance, mechanical strength, antibacterial properties, water repellency and a lot of other qualities which cannot be achieved by any other means.

Nanotextiles have gained more commercial value and wide acceptance from the consumers because of its invisible technology. These textiles are creating new market of possibilities by disrupting the existing ones. The integration of nanotechnology in fabric production is being more and more encouraged because of the enormous advantages it provides to textile industry. The textiles made using nanotechnology will help to improve the properties of the fabric without significantly altering the overall feel that the material provides. It will ensure more convenience for the users too.

As mentioned earlier nanotextiles have different properties like water repellency, antimicrobial features etc. In the early stages, many companies incorporated silver nanoparticles into the fabric to add antimicrobial property to their products. Silver particles will kill the bacteria in the clothing that creates bad odors. So, such clothes will be also odor free, therefore they need not be washed frequently.

Another addition to the nanotextiles is the fabrics that are coated with copper and silver nanomaterials. This type of fabric has the ability to degrade organic matter such as dirt or food when exposed to sunlight. This resulted in the creation of clothes that clean themselves!

Yet another brilliant quality imparted to the fabrics by nanotechnology is water repellency. This feature is actually inspired from nature. Many plants repel water because of the nano-scale structures present on their leaves. When this property was incorporated in to fabrics, it resulted in the creation of cloths that are water repellent. Imagine a situation where you do not get wet even if you walk in the rain without an umbrella. This is now possible with nanotechnology!

Nanotextiles have a vast possibility in the new fashion world. If used properly, it will define the future of fashion industry. Researches are still going on to find out new possibilities and applications for nanotechnology in the textile industry.

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