How to Find Ethical Suppliers of Fabrics

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Interesting Fabric Facts

There are many people working in the clothing and fabric industry across the world. The choice you make on the supplier of your fabrics can often have drastic effects on the lives of workers in the clothing factories and the natural resources. If you are interested in bringing sustainable efforts in the production of garments, continue reading to know what to look for to find ethical fabric suppliers.


The physical location of the fabric manufacturer is an important factor to take into consideration. You will have to make sure that you have the address of the fabric mill, as knowing about your supply chain is an unavoidable factor. Some countries do not have laws that protect their employees which makes most of their workers to be subjected to unhealthy working conditions. Knowing the location can help you avoid fabric manufacturers from those countries.

Chemical Usage

A lot of chemicals are used for dyeing and bleaching the fabrics and also to soften it. These chemicals affect the surrounding environments after seeping into land and water. Moreover, many varieties of pesticides are used on crops for killing and repelling insects. In addition to affecting the environment, it has lot of other harmful effects also. These chemicals will be consumed by animals and thus they get into our food chain. Also, the use of agricultural chemicals in unsafe ways can have severe impacts on the health of the workers as well as on the ecosystem.

Factory Certifications

The manufacturers who present their certificates to suppliers usually are sustainable and follow ethical practices. These certifications mainly include fabric certifications to labor standards to fiber. Make sure to ask your supplier about the certifications of the factories they work for.

Growth Opportunity Employers

The supplier of the factory hopefully works directly with the mills. Make sure to ask either of them about the opportunities that are provided to the workers – whether they offer opportunities for education, insurance, childcare services or other benefits for their workers. Companies that invest in their employees have more successful, happier and satisfied workers.

Considering the above listed points can help you find out ethical fabric suppliers in your area. If you are a person who is much concerned about protecting the ecosystem that we live in, then you ought to consider these important things.

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